Ten posts you should read this week

These are all posts I read recently that made me think. Some I agree with, some I don’t, some made me laugh out loud.

See what you think!

  1. Troll Racials are Overpowered wonders whether it’s better to have the hardest boss encounter at the end of an instance, or at the beginning.
  2. Larisa@The Pink Pigtail Inn deals with self-doubt and worries if she is a good enough player. I can really relate to this, I have my Achilles Heel encounters where I always seem to be ‘that person’ who just can’t hack it.
  3. Kill Ten Rats thinks that MMOs in future won’t seek to take up all your free time and be the only game you’ll ever play, they’ll be happier to share it with others. Join him for a look at the Tao of the MMO Gamer.
  4. If you  found a really good farming spot, would you blog/share the information or keep it to yourself? Nerf the Cat wonders if it would be unfair to the friends she farms second age items with if she were to write about it.
  5. Fires of War asks where all the daytime raiding guilds are. I’ve always wondered this in WoW also. With the number of players these MMOs have, why is it so hard to find a guild that matches your goals/ availability/ requirements. The guilds must be there, but the tools to find them aren’t.
  6. Sartharion with 3 drakes up (or sarth+3) is probably the hardest raid encounter in WoW at the moment. Lots of people complain that the raid game is too easy, but why aren’t more guilds trying sarth+3? The Greedy Goblin explains.
  7. Meet Maurice the schmoove Death Knight at Need More Rage. Get him while he’s hot, ladies!
  8. Tobold presents his views on Hybrids and Class Balance (put your flame retardent goggles on before you follow this link). It’s a subject on which every MMO player has views, usually strong ones. And 78 people have chimed in to comment so far … can you make it up to 100?
  9. Raid instances in WoW at the moment have both a 10 man and a 25 man version. Mirror Shield thinks that the 10 mans are fine for now, but when the raids get harder, they’ll get less popular.
  10. Tard Factor gives a dispassionate analysis of the balance changes in patch 3.08 from a raiding point of view.

3 thoughts on “Ten posts you should read this week

  1. Hey Spinksy,

    Thanks for the plug but I actually write Fires of War 😀 Hammer of War Online was a site I used to write a weekly column for!

    Thanks again, I’ll add you to my sidebar!

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