Thoughts on this week’s raiding

Our 25 man raids feel quite laborious now that I’ve cleared Naxx in a 10 man group. Everything is so much more effort, the raid feels more sluggish, and I have to compete with the other tanks if I want a tank spot.

By comparison, the 10 man feels light on its feet, quick to learn, does not contain anyone I actively dislike, and because I’m the raid leader I always get to be main tank. Huzzah.

I can see very easily that if the 25 mans get frustrating, I’d be tempted to drop them. I can get all the progression I want in my friendly 10 man group. I’m not planning to do that any time soon, but there is a real danger that 10 mans will kill casual 25 man raiding for this reason.

Every successful casual raid has always had a more hardcore centre.  How much would it take for them to decide that they can be happy with 10 mans?

Raid Summary

Wednesday we cleared out the Plague Wing and spent an hour wiping on Thaddius. This was mostly because 3-4 people kept dying in the first polarity shift. I figured that it was mostly just a case for practice and people writing L and R on the side of their monitors. But it’s surprisingly frustrating to keep repeating an encounter when you’re always one of the last ones standing.

Wednesday’s raid was also notable because I was asked to raid as Fury (word got out about me having picked up my shiny 2 handed axe from Naxx last weekend in the 10 man, can’t imagine how that happened? Surely not me linking it twice an hour on guild chat …).

So I knocked up a crafted 2 handed mace, which it just so happened I had the materials for sitting in my vault because I am DUMB and thought ‘well, you never know.’ And was happily thwacking away at the evil undead forces of undead evil to the tune of about 3.2k dps. This was about third on the damage meters which is mostly because my axe is probably the best weapon owned by anyone in the raid at the moment. It should have been higher really, I need to practice sneaking more heroic strikes in. But, still not bad considering all my dps gear was gotten when the main-spec dps people had already passed on it.

On the other hand, I reckon my chances of tanking again in 25 mans just plummeted. Who is going to assign a good dps to tanking when they already have enough tanks?

I’m not overly concerned about this now that I know I can tank in the 10 mans whenever I want. Although it does now make me confused about which spec to call as primary for bidding purposes. I’ll have to wait and see what the raid leaders decide next week. Have already decided that if they want me to stay Fury I’ll go with that.

On Thursday they had a good raid and knocked out Thaddius, then cleared the other two wings.

This means we have a third raid this week scheduled for Sunday to start working on Sapphiron. Considering the trouble we had with Thaddius, I foresee a night of many wipes ahead.

Our raid leaders almost gave me a heart attack by writing happily on forums that we had the Spider and Plague wing on farm and might open them up as free for all (this means, people who aren’t really geared for the progression raid could come). I said that I thought it would be more useful if we focussed on speeding up with the aim of getting the whole place down in a 3-4 hour raid. Turns out I think we’re much closer to having the place on farm than they do.

I ended up betting one of them 100g that we’d one shot Thaddius next week. So I hope people can remember their left from their right for that long at least 🙂

I don’t mean to sound selfish but I’m not all that interested in dragging people’s undergeared alts’ butts through two wings of Naxx every week. If I wanted to do that, I’d run PUGS *ba-doom*

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