Off spec or Side spec?

How do you deal with people who want to take gear for their second (or more) set for their main spec? If you use DKP, how do you organise the bidding?

For example: tanks who want a threat set, a mitigation set, AND an avoidance set? Is that considered greedy if there are other people in the raid who need stuff because it’s just an all around upgrade for whatever they have? Or people who might want healing gear for an offspec vs healers who want a few pieces with extra crit that they don’t intend to use very often?

3 thoughts on “Off spec or Side spec?

  1. Most guilds tend to have something in place that lets main specs have a higher priority than off-specs. Regardless of DKP, Council Loot, Rolling, etc systems people tend to “need” main sets and “greed” offsets. This seems to be a pretty hot topic recently with the Dual Spec’s approaching.

  2. Not exactly. Tanks who want threat, mitigation and avoidance sets usually do for a reason. They like to switch to certain sets for different fights because they feel it’ll help.

    As for how to manage it, that’s entirely up to your guild. Try organize the biddings in rounds. Those who DO need it for their main spec set go off first. If no one wants it, it goes into round 2 where its opened up.

  3. Honestly I think it is best to have tanks (and anyone for that matter) coordinate amongst themselves on loot distribution.

    We use a loot list method which forces people to prioritize, so this is rarely a problem, but in cases where it that doesn’t cover it we also do the round approach, generally main spec > off-spec > pvp > fashion > shard.

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