WoW vs WAR: the EU angle

Compare and contrast:

Warhammer Online opens shiny new official forums … in the US only. If you don’t have a US account then you can’t even go read the forums, let alone post. (Anyone can at least read the WoW US forums or the Turbine ones for LOTR).

edited to note: Arbitrary corrects me on this, we will be able to read it once it’s out of beta.

World of Warcraft … announces details of its long awaited new raid dungeon on the EU site first. I don’t really care where stuff gets announced as long as I can go geek over it myself (faux Wintergrasp inside a raid instance? catapults where I can catapult myself? Rar! I’m a simple warrior and these things make me happy) but damn if it doesn’t feel nice to get the stuff first sometimes.

I don’t dislike GOA, who run the EU side of WAR, but one thing I do like about WoW is not always having to feel like a poor relation for being on this side of the pond. Although by the way, why particularly can’t we just have worldwide forums?

7 thoughts on “WoW vs WAR: the EU angle

  1. As I recall it was pretty much the same with WoW in the beginning. US got all the updates, dev posts and juicy info. They have shaped up really good tho, and seems to to synchronize updates pretty well.
    Hopefully the same will happen with WAR (although from what I heard about DAoC and seen so far that doesn’t seem likely).

    You don’t dislike GOA? Can you really say that with a straight face after having experienced the launch? 😉

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  3. Regis: The launch was hilariously bad, but I can’t say that I hate them. The guys have always seemed nice enough. I do facepalm sometimes though.

    Also, I do feel that some of the issues are because they really are treated like poor relations. Mythic does everything for its US customers first. It is partly the weird nature of the setup where the developer runs the US side only, but you do end up feeling as though it’s Mythic that have let you down.

  4. I’m not sure if the WoW EU site gets info first because Blizzard chose to give it to them first, or because the time difference means that the EU forum people arrive at work earlier (in absolute time, not necessarily local). It seems like the EU site always gets information a few hours earlier that goes up on the US site later that day, and you’d think that they’d spread the first info love around a bit if it was deliberate.

  5. GArmadillo: Oh, I agree. I think it’s just amusing and comes down to some scheduling on web updates. But truth is, I don’t think I have ever felt that we got treated worse in the EU. They’ve fallen over themselves to keep the service offering similar, and we appreciate it.

  6. We will apparently be able to read the WAR forums once they’re ‘out of beta’ (updated BoG post for that), but Mythic still really really piss me off with their attitude.

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