Quick raid update

Oops, been falling behind a bit with these.

We killed Malygos 25 last week for the first time (hurrah!). I wasn’t there but I’m dead proud of everyone who was. From raid leader comments, I think they’re planning to try Sarth+1 for the first time this weekend. I won’t be there again due to being on a train. But wishing them luck with that.

On the 10 man side, we picked up the Patchwerk 3 min achievement (Make Quick Werk of Him) last week. The trick that got it for us was having the fight mostly solo healed by a paladin, and our resto shammy on nuking duty.

We also got another kill in on Malygos, and wiped a few times on Sarth+1.  On that particular occasion, we had a couple of less well geared rogues in the raid so didn’t think we really had the dps for it. But I was very happy with the positioning and tanking on the last try.

I was tanking the drake and all the adds, and I thought that was going really quite well. We had a feral on Sartharion, and she did a great job of steering him around neatly.


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