Can you spot the alts?

Tarsus wrote a great post about why he tends to end up tanking on his Death Knight alt while levelling, even though it isn’t really tank specced. His experience of tanking on another class makes it easy for him to spot the key abilities on the new one and also to eye what other people are missing.

I know when I’ve been playing my warlock, I’ve had to bite my tongue when I’ve seen other warriors miss a patrol I would have spotted, or run after an add when they could have just charged it. Or charge when they could have used a line of sight pull.(And, to be fair, I bet warlock alts have looked at me and thought ‘NOOB!’)

But one thing I do understand as an alt is when a player tries and fails at something that is actually tricky to learn. I’m not the one who is whining when a new warrior tank is struggling to pick up that arsey pull in the violet hold (you know the one? Where the adds split up and run down both sides of the stair?) because I know it’s a pita. Sure, I might do it better but that’s from practice and practice is why we’re there.

I will speak up if someone bitches at the tank unfairly. Because I’ve also played a healer, I’ll  speak up when someone else in the group complains about healing when it wasn’t really the healer’s  fault. (If it was their fault, I am probably eyeing my repair bills or doing something useful like summoning a new demon.)

But I can tell when someone who is playing a role I know well is making a decent effort. And usually I’ll settle in at the back and leave them to it, focus on trying not to make any of my normal noob warlock mistakes, hope that the rest of the group isn’t thinking the exact same thing about me!

Can you tell when there’s someone else in the group who’s had more experience playing your role than you have? And do you bite your tongue when you see someone making a really basic mistake?


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