WoW War 3.1 (cross language battlegroups)

This one surprised me. Coming to the EU servers with patch 3.1, cross-language battegroups.

So apparently in 3.1 we’ll be able to zone into battlegrounds where the opposition all speak a different language iRL as well as in game. I can see this doing great things for european unity.

The actual reason is presumably to improve battleground availability all around but I’m wincing just imagining what the bg chat will be like when the English face off against the French or Germans.


2 thoughts on “WoW War 3.1 (cross language battlegroups)

  1. My old battle group consisted of 4 servers one of which was Hakkar, an unofficial Italian server.

    People from Hakkar would simply speak Italian in /bg chat except for when they switched to English to call everyone noobs. Very occasionally one would meet someone polite and competent but the other 3 servers had a very low opinion of Hakkar players because the linguistic hurdle led to a perception that they were playing unhelpfully. It may or may not have been true that they tended to kill farm and ignore onjectives but that is how the English-speaking players felt.

    All told it was divisive and generated a lot of bad feeling on both sides. Not looking forward to cross language battlegroups at all but then there’s always Wintergrasp.

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