EU WoW is going to be run separately from the US version

Received via email this morning:

We have a short but important announcement that we wanted to share with our players. World of Warcraft is currently an operation of Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. (USA), but starting April 14, 2009, the game operator will be Blizzard Entertainment’s central European entity, Blizzard Entertainment S.A.S. (France), and will be referred to as such in the game’s Terms of Use going forward. Our European office has been an essential part of our global operations since before the launch of World of Warcraft, and this update better reflects its role within our organization, as well as our continued commitment to our European players.

This is an administrative change — your World of Warcraft game experience will not be impacted.

They are likely right and it won’t make much difference.

We don’t know why they are making this change. Could be anything from various managers building business empires to a reorganisation that should have taken place months ago.

But just for the record, we do prefer to have our service run by the same company who develops the game and not by its european offshoot.

I think EQ2 still does this. Wondering how many other games do? I’m tired of being forcibly separated from other gamers just because they’re in a different continent.

3 thoughts on “EU WoW is going to be run separately from the US version

  1. Uh oh…

    If they are going to do this, I hope Blizzard France took some notes on how not to run US and EU of the same game separately. GOA made a wreck of the european version of Dark Age of Camelot. Months behind on game patches, and odd bugs plagued the game that did not exist on US or were fixed swiftly.

  2. Isn’t Blizzard in Europe really, really huge though? Just by reading the blues on the official forums it would seem that some development for the overal game is going on in Europe also. I wouldn’t worry about the guys in France not being able to keep up.

  3. Heck,even with WAR GOA had problems there, the EU website was crap and had none of the information that the US one had. Sure things are better with WoW at the moment but I have a lot of friends who play games in the states, I started off playing SWG with them and then later EQ2, having seperate version of games normally means I have to pay to import a US copy. Heck, just let us all play together!

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