WoW US Insider?

I like WoW Insider, it’s a cool blog. People put a lot of work into it, there’s tons and tons of content, and I kind of like the random scattershot nature of the posts. It isn’t consistent, but that’s part of the charm.

But I am tired of the relentless assumption that we’re all in the US. Take this post, spotted today:

Here we are, my old friend. You and I, waiting for downtime again. Yeah, we got a little spot of downtime coming our way again.

Downtime? Nope, we really don’t have any here (at least not more than usual). Our maintenance is tomorrow, but thanks for playing.

Also no comment on the European side of things being hived off to Blizzard Europe. I don’t expect deep and incisive reportage but you know, maybe just a note in passing.

For sure, most of their readers are probably in America. But there’s no need to pointlessly alienate the rest. It’s not that anyone needs to read two posts about maintenance every week (how about no posts about maintenance, just for a change of pace?), but we’re all still playing the same game. Right?


7 thoughts on “WoW US Insider?

  1. Hey, WoW Europe tends to get previews of new content before Americans anyway. Just look at Ulduar – the previews went up on the WoW Europe site well before we saw a whiff over here.

  2. WoW Insider is a business that pays people to make content in order to get readers to view ads, which it then sells to pay its bills. My guess is that they have a significant traffic spike during the US maintenance window and feel that it is good business to have content reliably available, so that readers will not only make a habit of loading the site (viewing ads), but will also click through to previous posts linked in the maintenance roundup(viewing more ads). If EU maintenance generated a traffic spike large enough to justify paying someone to post at the time, we WOULD be reading (or skipping past) two weekly maintenance posts a week.

    @ Tarsus: For whatever reason, Blizzard is running a world-wide operation but schedules its information releases by business day instead of by global time. It’s completely pointless – if you don’t want US players rampaging on the forums before the CM’s have shown up at work, you shouldn’t release information that is going to be immediately reposted on the US forums anyway. Personally, I don’t see any harm in setting a posting bot to automatically post the info on all of the global WoW sites at the same time, but what do I know?

  3. *ponder*

    I’m sure you’re right, GArmadillo, but I don’t really see many ads on their site, other than for their other blogs. (I always do wonder how long it’ll be before blogvertisers realise that a lot of people use RSS and don’t see the sites anyway).

    I still think you could write good content without alienating a sizeable portion of your readers. I mean, assuming you want to.

  4. @Spinks: My understanding was that they won’t syndicate the entire contents of a post so that they get clickbacks through to the actual site. By my count, there are four separate ads on an article I just opened up, though I wouldn’t have seen half of them if I hadn’t been looking because they were buried down in the comment sections.

    You do have a point that they could write a tuesday morning roundup that doesn’t directly reference the US maintenance. Perhaps there is demand in the US community for a place to post “grr, the servers aren’t back yet” comments? I don’t know how the EU forums hold up, but the US ones become very unreliable during maintenance, especially when it runs longer than expected, and players might actually be relying on third party sites to let them know what’s going on.

    (I also get where you’re coming from on server status updates being irritating. Massively used to post something about every last server hiccup in Second Life – the author in question used to run Second Life Insider – and it took them months to figure out that players weren’t complaining about SL news, just the constant updates that weren’t even relevant to most SL players by the time they read them.)

  5. Hi Spinks,

    You’ll be happy to know we are in the process of hiring a new European-based writer on WoW Insider whose primary responsibility will be to report on EU issues for us. She should be starting within the next week or so.

    Dan O’Halloran
    Managing Editor
    WoW Insider

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