Why we should care about Free Realms #1

Free Realms, Sony’s kid-marketed casual-friendly new MMO is due to be released on PC later this month. It’s been on my radar as the only game on the horizon likely to give Warcraft a run for its money because it ticks all the right boxes. Plus you can play for free.

I’m not big on kiddy-oriented games or cartoon animals but a well designed virtual hangout is a well designed virtual hangout.

But having read a post on gameindustry.biz about how Sony built and is marketing Free Realms, my attention is duly got.

This demographic doesn’t need a story, she says. Players are looking for the tools to create their own tales.

If you want to know more, Eurogamer has a good preview here. I know it’s not really for me, but I’m intrigued by what they are doing. And all it would take is a few of my friends to decide to play there, and I wouldn’t be forced to hang out with attention seeking adolescents… (I could hang out with attention seeking 30+ instead 😉 ).

In any case, it’s worth checking their feature list. If it is as successful as I suspect it will be, we’ll be seeing a lot of these turning up in other MMOs also.


2 thoughts on “Why we should care about Free Realms #1

  1. Personally, I think this game has a lot of potential if SOE can manage not to make the microtransactions too exploitative. If they’re going to implement excessive grinds in the hopes of getting players to buy their way out of them with exp boosts and/or RMT purchased materials (Runes of Magic has apparently gone the latter route with their crafting system), I’m not going to be interested.

    • Yeah, my concern about RMT games is how easy is it for the game company to pull a switch and bait and introduce expensive items which you need to have to keep pace with other characters /after/ you’ve gotten into it. I don’t know if I trust any company not to do that.

      But so far, I see Free Realms having a cheap monthly rate if you want to unlock a few extra classes (which look to be the standard MMO ones: archer, melee, caster, healer) and presumably the ability to pay for fluff also.

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