10 ways to annoy the heck out of me

I lied, there’s just one way*.

Post a list of 10 ways to make your guild love you in the same style as those  painful 1950s guides on how to please your husband (I like their 2006 version better).

If you are a guild leader and want to make your guild love you then QUIT NOW WHILE THERE IS STILL TIME. You’re not there to be loved, and it’s a really bad reason to run a guild.

If you are in a guild and don’t feel loved enough then just leave. You have to find your own fun and friends in these games.

If you are in a guild and your guild leader or raid leader is a needy POS with an entitlement complex who whines if they don’t feel sufficiently loved. Then leave. You don’t have to put up with any of that.

If you are a guild leader and one of your members is a needy POS with an entitlement complex who whines if they don’t feel sufficiently loved, then let them know it’s unacceptable and if it continues  gkick. Neither you nor the rest of your guild has to put up with that.

The Spinks rules of dealing with others (aka people management) is “treat people like people”. It’s not rocket science. Then the rest will fall into place.

* OK, maybe more than one.

13 thoughts on “10 ways to annoy the heck out of me

  1. Oh, I love the Spins rule!

    There’s nothing bad in writing suggestions about what to-thing about when you’re in the role of a leader or a guild-member. But I think there’s been a bit of inflaction in all those 10-things-to-think-about-lists. I don’t know if the Matticus-effect. He says lists are the way to go and so the not-yet-so-successful bloggers start to write lists. I too do lists from time to time. But when I see it from a readers perspective, they sure need to be a bit more original than just listing common-sense-things to really catch my interest then.

  2. “The answer is of course, that it would be best to be both loved and feared. But since the two rarely come together, anyone compelled to choose will find greater security in being feared than in being loved.”

    ^True story, as far as I’m concerned, for guild/raid leading.

  3. Good grief I have one of these raiders and I finally snapped on him last night. He logs in when we’re doing something (raid, PvP, heroic etc), says “hi” over guild chat and then has a huge hissy fit when no one says hi back.

    Look, if you want a lightspeed response, come onto vent. I don’t have time to *type* while I’m healing and raid leading and not standing int he fire and reading strats off the laptop screen and listening to the hockey game and talking to a potential recruit over whispers.

    Sorry, the post hit a little close to home for me, didn’t mean to *RAGE* all over the place 🙂

  4. I have one of those too, Ori, and I agree — it’s so frustrating!

    He logged on once in the middle of an Archimonde attempt. The entire guild was in Mount Hyjal, trying oh-so hard not to die in a fire, and suddenly there was this:

    [Guild][Him]: Hey guys, sorry I’m late. Only three hours this time though, haha!
    [Guild][Him]: So how’s it going in there?

    (two seconds later)

    [Guild][Him]: Fine, I guess I’ll just go play on my Alliance server then. See ya whenever.
    [Him] has logged off.

    • Yours was the latest post to tag me in quite this way, but it’s by no means the only one.

      If I wanted to respond to you snarkily, I’d do it directly. Actually I think you’re a good writer and I like your blog.

      But, I have some issues with the notion that either my guild leaders should love me (if I’m a guildie) or that my guildies should (if I’m a guild leader) and that the way to accomplish it is by making a doormat of myself.

      Maybe it’s not what you intended, but when I read these types of posts, it’s with the shadow of the 1950s ‘how to please your husband’ books leering over my shoulder.

  5. I guess I could have named the most recent one “Leadership 101,” because that’s essentially what it was. I chose the title and the list format because it’s easy to digest and I’ve gotten A LOT of feedback on it. My natural style of writing is massively long wall-of-text, and I haven’t gotten a lot of positive feedback (or any, now that I think of it) on that, at least from the common player. My goal is to make my blog enjoyable and constructive for a broad type of reader-base, and if it means lists, “catchy” titles, and cutting down on the college vocabulary words, I will.

    I apologize if it annoys you or that you read too deeply into my title. Regardless, the “10 ways..” blogs were annoying even to myself, and I even made a note during my last one that it was indeed my last.

    • OK, that brings back some memories (I remember all the arguments about who should roll for the baron’s mount even though it never actually dropped for us). That was also pure awesome 😉

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