A look at the new Warhammer guild search

Thanks to Jennifer@Girl IRL for spotting the new guild search interface amongst all the other patch 1.2.1 changes that went live this week in WAR. (It is patch season in MMOland, yes.)

I’ve felt for ages that  in game tools to help players search for guilds that match their interests and vice versa are horribly lacking. Given how central to a  social player’s game experience it is to find a well fitting guild, that’s pretty much an unpardonable omission.

So I’m going to talk about how to use the guild search (on an unguilded character) and give some examples of what you can find out from it. Jennifer (in the link at the top) posted a screenshot of the interface guild leaders use to set up their information when looking for new members.

Using the Warhammer Online Guild Search

Step 1. You access the guild search tool through the guild interface, by clicking the green shield icon at the top of your screen.

Step 2. A window comes up which describes how to form a guild. (I didn’t take a screenie of this because it’s a bit dull, unless of course you want to go make a guild.) At the bottom of this window are two tabs. Click on the one marked search.

OK, so the game has spotted that I’m not in a guild and is going to let me see if I can find some hapless group of players that might suit.

They’ve given a decent selection of attributes to search with. I was looking at the pictured dropdown box with mild confusion (what exactly is the difference between a chatty and a family guild anyway?) As it happens, when you search you will find that guilds can tag themselves with more than one of these labels.

So you can search for guilds that are PvE focussed, PvP focussed, casual etc. You can search based on guild rank (which can matter in Warhammer), you can search based on number of members, and whether or not they’re looking for your class. And so on.

Step 3. Select the attributes you want to search for and then hit the search button.

(Free advert for We Are Legion of Karak Azgal (EU), since they were first in the list)

I was searching for guilds with over 100 members, and it’s not all that unusual for Warhammer guilds to be that large. I was also searching for guilds of rank 20 or above because I am vain and at rank 20 you get to wear the guild emblem on your cloak. So I was searching for large, well established guilds, who had been active enough to get to rank 20.

So this is the format you get for the search results.  The guilds are listed to the left and the x/yyy number shows number of members logged in right now vs number of total members. I logged on early in the morning to get these screenshots so it’s not surprising that no one is around.

You can see whether the guild is in an alliance and who the recruiters are if you want to get in touch, as well as information about guild size, rank, and other interests. And there’s a small blurb written by the guild leader too.

I’m well impressed. It’s not a great leap forwards in game design but it fills a useful and important role, and it isn’t overly complex. Thumbs up to the Warhammer devs.

ObPlug: Warhammer Online is running 10 day free trials at the moment (US version here, EU version here). Tier 1 (levels 1-11) are terrifically fun, and if you do like it and decide to stay, you now have a better way to find a guild.

5 thoughts on “A look at the new Warhammer guild search

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  2. Wow, that’s pretty cool. Although I can imagine thinking that there are no good guilds to join, and then checking the search tool, and then _knowing_ there are no good guilds to join.

  3. Thanks for the guide! EQ2 has a similar UI, and it seems like a good idea. I don’t know that this is a magic cureall to LFGuild woes – an applicant still relies on the recruitment ad being accurate – but it’s definitely a step up from nothing.

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