Links for a Bank Holiday weekend

  1. Ashellia, the Female Human Paladin, explains why she hates cinematics in games. I think she’s right on all counts, but stupid melodramatic bits of fluff with rubbish scripts still have the power to move me … dammit.
  2. The Escapist wonders why top ten lists are so popular
  3. rerollz gives a lesson on PvP Etiquette: how to QQ with class. (QQ means cry more noob, if you haven’t seen that acronym before.)
  4. asks whether hardcore gaming websites are drifting too far from the market these days. It turns out that the amount of boxes a game will sell is not necessarily related to the internet buzz.
  5. Big Bear Butt Blogger has some great tips for the new tank.
  6. Over in Sexy Videogameland (best blog name ever?), Leigh Alexander discusses user-generated content and why she prefers games with a strong direction from the designers, rather than from the other players.
  7. Zork gives a step by step guide to making Blizzard icons look cool. People never cease to amaze me. Someone played WoW and thought , “Man, those icons are just uncool!” Isn’t humanity wonderful?
  8. Kalon at ThinkTank ponders why on some raid nights, things just fall apart. And he’s not afraid to point fingers.
  9. This is a great story that I got from the GameCulture blog about how gamers were recruited to help scientists fold proteins, and beat some of the biochemists at their own game.
  10. Game Design Concepts is running a free online course on game design from June til September this year. He notes: By the end of this course, you will be familiar with the (relatively small) body of work that is accepted in the game industry as the theoretical foundation of game design. You will also be comfortable enough in processes to start designing your own games, as well as critically analyzing other people’s games.
  11. Unwize asks whether players should be punished for not reading through quest text carefully enough.
  12. This is more of a metalink but Tesh has a great collection of game design related links in this post.
  13. Remember Zork and all the other text based interactive fiction games? Ever wonder what happened to that genre? They kept going and have a huge indie following. Emily Short is one of the most innovative of the new authors, check out her website for an introduction to the genre. And particularly check out her work.
  14. Storybird is a new collaborative storytelling tool. It hasn’t gone live yet but I was impressed with what I saw.

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