The fairytale of the Champions Online NDA

If you follow gaming sites like Massively, you’ve probably skimmed over their first look at Champions Online. You see, the press were allowed to write their previews based on the first five levels, which they accessed last weekend.

The game itself — a superhero MMO from the creators of City of Heroes — is due to be released in July and published first impressions have been uniformly positive. It may not clean your house or do advanced theoretical physics but it sounds like a fun superhero MMO.

And then there was Sypgate. Writing at Biobreak, and not a certified press beta tester (I bet he’ll know to apply for a press pass next time though šŸ™‚ ), the man himself expressed frustration that the press could write about what they had seen in beta, but he couldn’t.

Darn, it’s not fair that the press can write about the beta but everyone else can’t!

Wait, news came out that the NDA is lifted!

Arrgh, it was only lifted for the press after all

But this story has a happy ending. Egged on by fans and readers, Syp wrote to the chaps at CO and was given special permission to write about the same parts of the beta as the press. And in an additional note sure to reach straight to any bloggers heart, they said that they loved his old Warhammer blog šŸ™‚

We all loved Waaagh, dude! But Biobreak is cool too.

And to prove how cool Biobreak is, Syp has now written up his first impressions of Champions Online. Go check it out!


3 thoughts on “The fairytale of the Champions Online NDA

  1. Sypgate? It’s more of a fence, within its boundaries the bunnies may romp and the squirrels chitter away the day while reciting poetry to blogs such as yours.

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