New expansion for City of Heroes

Out with the old, in with the new! Paragon have been emailing around fliers about their next expansion: City of Heroes going Rogue. There’s a cool trailer on the site too.

What can I say? This old article from Massively last year is looking prophetic.

One of the big attractions is going to be the ability to switch sides. Heroes can become villains. Villains can become heroes. They aren’t the first MMO to do this (EQ2 has had side switching since forever)  but that doesn’t mean it isn’t pretty exciting, especially since the hero and villain powersets can be quite different.

New characters will start as neutrals, picking a starting side at the end of the tutorial instance. And various actions you can take in the game will edge you closer to the good or evil side of thing. I like this –  if any genre ever cried out for a basic good vs evil alignment mechanic, superheroes are it.

Other items from the survey last year and not yet announced for the expansion (but sounding plausible  are):

  • Characters that do not wish to change sides are rewarded by becoming exemplary heroes or villains, and earning rewards not available any other way
  • Character Creator 2.0 includes Powers Customization, allowing players to customize not only the character, but also the actual look of its powers
  • New Spy Archetype, Power Sets & Costume
  • Universal Enhancement Slots – at level 50, these enhance powers to the character, essentially bringing them to a hypothetical “Level 60” once they have earned all ten slots

Unsurprisingly there’s a long thread on the subject on the COH boards. There’s no timeframe yet but this could be a good year for superhero MMO fans.

If this is CoH’s answer to Champions Online then all I can say is … game on!

3 thoughts on “New expansion for City of Heroes

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  2. I’m glad to hear they are finally getting hero/villains switching in, as well as making the powers more customizable. Those should be big improvements. I played CoH and was in the CoV beta before switching to WoW, and it’s quite a fun game, I just got tired of it. I definitely find myself missing my old heroes, especially Dark Melee/Regen Scrapper.

    I wish CoX well, but it’s at a severe disadvantage to Champions because CO is starting from scratch while CoX can’t stray too far from it’s original design. Competition is always good; I hope both are successful.

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