Best ever lead-in to an instance quest

I’m planning to write some more later this week about my favourite zone in Wrath and why I think it’s such a masterpiece of design. So I was getting some screenshots (for ‘research’ purposes, naturally) on an alt and was reminded of one of my favourite cut-piece scenes in any game ever.

This one is … well Horde should recognise where this is coming from. And it leads into one of the bosses in Utgarde Keep. Bear in mind that your character has recently arrived in Northrend. You are probably asking yourself: Why am I here? Who am I fighting? Why is this my fight? And … dammit, where’s the NPC with the quest symbol?

hfjord1Ah, there he is! It’s the leader of the forsaken settlement, you can tell he’s the leader because he’s the one on the horse. (This has been a theme in Warcraft ever since level 1 – leaders get mounts.)

So this is quite likely the first piece of text that you read from an NPC in Northrend if you come in on the zeppelin to Howling Fjord.

But later on, after you’ve done some quests and smacked the local alliance around a  bit (note: some things never change), he gets some visitors.





In case anyone hadn’t figured this one out yet, the forsaken as a faction were killed and then turned undead by Arthas. They were enslaved. And then they followed Sylvanas to freedom. Now they’ve come to Northrend for payback and it’s just a bit more personal than ‘Yeah, he’s this evil guy’.

And just to prove it, the local scourge ambassador has come to remind Anselm and the forsaken that he considers them no more than escaped slaves. Well, maybe just a bit more since he’s trying to lure the leader to his side.



He’s introducing some thuggish allies too. Don’t worry, you’ll get to slaughter lots of these guys soon enough, but at least now you know why.


Horde has a strong theme of opposing slavery – orcs also were enslaved (by humans) in the backstory before regaining their freedom. This doesn’t stop some of the forsaken from keeping ‘mind slaves’ in the Undercity.

In any case, say what you like about the forsaken, but they’ve always been a faction who didn’t mess around.


So they’re not going to be friends. Piss off, evil zombies! Err, present company  excepted.

hfjord10The forsaken, in addition to their other qualities, are also decent shots.

All that remains is for the evil elf dude to make sure we know where he’s staying.


And then after he’s magically vanished to go and sulk or plot, Anselm locates some expendable local adventurers to make sure that The Lich King really does get the message.

What I love is that you can totally understand the motivation. What you are being asked to do makes sense.

It also directly impacts on the Big Bad of the entire expansion. And it begins right there in the starting settlement. You were there.

9 thoughts on “Best ever lead-in to an instance quest

  1. best half assed quest dialoge that made me lol anyway:

    Chief Plaguebringer Middleton at Venomspite in Dragonblight wants you to collect 8 Emerald Dragon Tears.

    With an inert specimen of the blight compound complete and the activating agent in hand there only remains a need for a suitable shell to house the components.

    Southwest of here, on the shores of central Dragonblight, is where you will find the Emerald Dragonshrine. Within the shrine you will find the hardened remnants of a green dragon’s tear drop. I don’t know the whole story, but apparently they cry a lot right before they die. Go figure.

    Go to the Emerald Dragonshrine and gather tears.

    go figure….

  2. Like all MMO’s there are those quests that stick with you, and some that are..well..meh.

    I love the Forsaken as a race, because there’s alot going on there. They have no real place, even amongst the Horde. That comes to light a little further on in the questing of WoTLK.

    All I got to say is…”Do you think that we have forgotten? Do you think we have Forgiven?”

  3. “the local horde ambassador ” is a typo, Spinks. You mean local Scourge ambassador.

    Very nice post and I love the Northrend Forsaken chain. Love HF too but am a little disappointed that Alliance got the whole story of the Vrykul lore but Horde didn’t.

    • Ooops. Well spotted (and fixed now).

      I think knowing that there are alternative quests and lore you get on the other faction give a bit of incentive to play through again. I’m considering levelling an alliance DK just to see what the alliance quests in Wrath are like. (I can’t imagine that the vrykul are as cool as actually helping the apothecaries though — that just blew me away when I first did it 😉 )

  4. WotLK is where I started getting into the lore and reading the books. I think this expansion is really good about how they do it. Makes me wish I paid more attention to BC…Oh well, that is what alts are for.

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