Shared Topic: A few of my favourite things

I was all fired up to write about my love of Howling Fjord last week, and I wondered if other bloggers might also find it fun to write about their favourite quests and zones. (Plus, to be honest, I was curious to see what they had to say, and maybe get a lead on cool stuff that I have missed!)

So I suggested it as a shared topic on Blog Azeroth (which is a cool community for WoW bloggers). The Twisted Nether crew (who sponsor the shared topic) picked my topic this week!! And three other people took up the challenge:

Tales of an Aggronaut writes about his love of Westfall and the Deadmines.

Adventures of a Priest discusses the Alliance Onyxia key chain, and compares how hard it used to be back in the day. (LFM Jailbreak.)

Destructive Reach actually makes me sympathise with the Alliance a bit … hm, my resolve to run through Wrath on an Alliance character is wavering.

edited to add:

Aeltyr posts at AndTwoRogues about the Cipher of Damnation questline in Outland

2 thoughts on “Shared Topic: A few of my favourite things

  1. Howling Fjord is also one of my favorite zones in Northrend. It feels very real and organic. For me it really captures a northern feel with its Norse inspired architecture and varied climate. Everything works from the inspired background music to the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights).

    You can tell that Blizzard spent a lot of time (and rightfully so) on this zone as it’s one of the entry zones for players new to Northrend. The ongoing invasion of the Vrykul into the Alliance settlement is a perfect way to introduce players to the greater conflict that plauges Northrend.

    My only beef with this zone was that there are far too many shoveltusks — they could have used a bit more species diversity.

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