Can regular achievers and ’emergent’ players be friends?

Goodbye to Blogatelle (I wish I’d discovered it earlier now) – which is/ was a blog about roleplaying in WoW with advice and commentary.

And in the spirit of the out of the box thinking that I was talking about previously, here’s what Sean has to say about unintended play and why some players feel threatened by it. Roleplaying in MMOs lives in a kind of halfway house. It isn’t specifically intended by devs but I do think they design worlds with roleplaying opportunities in mind.

2 thoughts on “Can regular achievers and ’emergent’ players be friends?

  1. Thank you for helping me to witness the death of what appears to have been a pretty neat blog. You know what you just did? You showed a child candy and then threw it down a sewer. That’s what you did. šŸ˜¦

    Playing ‘wrong’ has been an interest of mine for a while. There’s a bit of silliness and a spec of RP and overall an active effort to not do things the way people think they should and must be done. My insecurity claims this is just a defense mechanism, a way of finding something to claim success at since I’m not at the top of the raiding or PvP games. I say my insecurity is stuck in a box and should shut up and stop telling people how to play.

  2. Interesting, and I don’t know. Personally I don’t care. I don’t mean that in any negative sense. I really just am void of thinking/feeling about it. I used to, but there’s so much negativity, that I’ve tried hard to just have fun as often as possible.

    For me to just have fun, at least while I play, I have to ignore the idea. Concerning myself with entirely fun endeavors.

    I wrote a post on emergent gameplay with links to a coordinator of EQ2 events. She/he describes how the flying mounts that take them from point to point(Like WoW hippogryph waypoints) let you jump off the mount anytime during your ride. Players have made a game out of this which is a variation of the old “lawn darts”. 1 player stays at the bottom as the target underneath the flight path. The riders jump off, closest to target wins.

    When guild castels were first implemented in Runes of Magic, people had their first taste of placing furniture outdoors, where some guilds quickly started using the bookshelf item to build staircases leading up into the sky.

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