8 thoughts on “Gating, and Barriers to Change

  1. One thing I’m noticing in LotRO is that the old gated content just doesn’t fit anymore. I really enjoyed the quests in Forochel, but I’m not going to grind Lossoth reputation to get all the nifties there. Perhaps when the maximum level was 50 the gates made sense. But, why should I grind rep to get instant travel, or some semi-neat armor recipes, or whatever? (Especially since the armor recipes give frost resistance, which would be more useful before I pretty much complete the zone.)

    Not that LotRO is the only sinner here. I can’t imagine a truly compelling reason to go grind the Shattered Sun Offensive of the Consortium, even if they do provide a few things that could be useful. Unless you’re one of those sickos who love to mindlessly grind, I guess….

  2. Oh, definitely. I know there are tons of pointless rep grinds in WoW (and some mad people do them anyway for the achievements) which are completely outdated now. I’m playing a low level toon in EQ2 and I don’t know if half the things I’m discovering are outdated or not (I’ve discovered some rep city grinds but no idea at all if they are still meaningful).

    The other thing that often scales really badly as xp curves are changed is crafting (I’m going to note to myself I wanted to write about that sometime). Originally crafting progression is based on the assumption that you’ll spend a certain amount of time in various levelling zones. So if levelling gets easier, it’s very likely you’ll have to go back and spend ages gathering materials way after you have outlevelled a zone.

  3. Great post, Spinks.

    I’ve never thought too much about the concept of gating before but, considering it now, it’s one of the reasons I’m enjoying EVE Online. Although there are still gates in terms of skill requirements and money, they are a lot less visible and enforced. There is nothing stopping me from flying into the most dangerous area of space at any stage of the game. Yes, I will die, but that decision is mine 🙂 I don’t need to jump through 10 hoops in sequential order to get there 🙂

    • Hmmm. As a noob on EvE I’m finding the gates pretty severe actualy.

      Day #1 of my free trial and I’ve got enough money for a serious ship upgrade…..but noooo I maybe able to buy a industrial ship and plan my mining empire…..but I cant pilot it for days yet.

      As to dangerous area’s….you can certainly go to them in WoW, generations of Night Elves have proved it by migrating across the Menethil marshes (support entire eco systems of crolisks in the process. Just dont expect it to be good for exp or progression…

  4. Great post. In WoW, it’s really a mixed blessing that the old gates are bypassed so often, because that’s a lot of dead content left in the dust. At the same time, if you’ve already run it a million times, why would you want to do it again? And a lot of the old rep grinds are based on an old model of misery, rather than the more rewarding current rep model.

    Levelling is a major gate, and Blizz keeps making efforts to reduce that gate, but it really needs some serious work given how far along in its lifecycle the game is, with 90% of the players sitting at 80. Hopefully the upcoming Cataclysmic expansion will shake things up and make leveling more interesting by revamping the earlier zones? Unlikely, but a guy must dream…

  5. Perhaps you understand then why I keep saying that class changing is desirable. Among other things, it reaks down some of those gates, and allows a player to be attached to a single character, rather than needing a stable of alts.

    Sure, as in the example of the raid bypasses, it breaks immersion a bit, but I’d just as soon not be immersed in nonsense grindy gates.

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