How not to do a crafting tutorial

This is the tutorial that gave me SAN loss.

Notice that the text overlaps with my chat window (the green text in the bottom left). I could not figure a way to stop it from doing this. There is also a massive amount of text in that text box.

Also, whatever you do, do NOT follow the suggestion to go check out your skill book. I (foolishly) did this and was overwhelmed by pages and pages of evocatively named icons. None of them said which trades they affected so even if I had wanted to pull some out and put them on a quickbar, I would have had no clue which ones to use.

It turns out that in practice it’s a lot easier than this sounds. But my first reaction to this text was to run screaming to a friend and beg for a comprehensible guide. That’s a pretty good indication that your tutorial is not working as intended.

6 thoughts on “How not to do a crafting tutorial

  1. This is a pretty common problem in EQ2. They do that all over the place and in some cases it was really bad. Take Nagafen for example. You’ll notice the chat bubble and response show up near the NPC’s head. Nagafen is a really tall model and I remember having to look up when he talked so I could actually interact with the chat options. hehe

  2. Yeah, EQ2’s tutorial for crafting tried to be all specific but just makes it worse. Frankly, the original tutorial they had on the Isle of Refuge at launch was the best one, IMO. FWIW, EVE’s tutorial for traveling to another system tells you to use the auto-pilot, but any player will tell you to NEVER use the autopilot. . . .

  3. Actually you don’t want to pull the skills out of the book and put them on a bar anyway. When you begin crafting it automatically puts the icons you need on a bar in its own window. At least that part is helpful. You USED to have to pick and choose which ones you wanted and it sucked when you had to figure them all out.

    And yes, never used autopilot unless you’re in highsec space. Even then it’s iffy. I use it when I go long distances and have to AFK, and now they bring you out of cloak closer to the jump so it’s nicer than it used to be.

    • This is why I was saying that when I actually tried it, I thought it was much easier than the tutorial implied. (Or rather, after having seen it, I now understand what the tutorial was getting at ๐Ÿ™‚ ).

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