Beginners Luck #2

Darraxus writes about beginners luck – which is when a new player gets really lucky on a drop that more experienced players took ages to get.

I think there’s something similar going on when I decide (after some thought) to upgrade the gem in my shield to an epic one – after all, shields never drop, right? And then we run the first boss in the new 25 man instance, and … guess what drops?

I didn’t even bid for it out of sheer irritation at sod’s law. I’ll grab it next time since we really don’t have many shield tanks. But meantime, I will get some use out of that epic gem, dammit 🙂

I can’t really complain about my luck because Spinks has been mopping up on tank trinkets recently. Not only did I swipe the Heart of Iron from Ignis (picked the one day that the tanks who had more DKP than me was away, which where the luck really came in) but I also snagged The Black Heart from my first ever run at the new 5 man instance.

I am never this lucky, so am enjoying it while it lasts. (If you’re in my raid, I promise not to whine about my luck with drops ever again, at least until the end of this expansion!)

First impressions of patch 3.2

I logged in yesterday with my druid to check out the new cat form, even though she’s a resto druid so I’ll never actually use it in anger. Was paged almost immediately to ask if I wanted to go join a pick up group and heal in the new instance. I said sure (the thinking goes that I’d want to see the place sometime so might as well practice by mishealing people I didn’t know, rather than friends), took about 10 minutes to find the entrance (5 man entrance is on the North side), realised that no one in the group had read anything about the encounters at all, and felt an oddly liberating sense of, ‘OK, let’s try it on heroic and see what happens.’

I actually have no idea how hard the new instance really is. We managed it fine in my PUG. Then we ran it again on normal mode, and decided that there wasn’t a huge amount of difference in difficulty.

Brief notes:

  1. First encounter. Grab a wolf (or horse if you are Alliance). Make tea while the Argent Tournament champions parade around the arena. Enjoy the adulation of the massed NPCs from your home faction. Then charge a random mob as chaos ensues. When fighting the bosses, try to kill them close together if you can – it makes it easier for the tank to pick them all up at once and also makes it easier for you to trample them down if they try to get up (I am not actually sure that this is sportsmanlike but as an undead warrior Spinks doesn’t bother with sissy paladin things like honour.) In heroic mode, you will want to mark the champions so you can focus on one in turn in the last phase of the fight, when you all are on foot. I don’t think the kill order is really important but don’t all fight different ones.
  2. A few easy trash packs to warm up. Kill the priest first, and the evil lightwell will disappear with them (if our priests got evil lightwells as a spell I’d totally re-roll one). You may get one of two bosses. If it is the paladin, turn away from him when he starts to glow, and if you are healing then start to cast as soon as he emotes that he starts to throw his hammer at someone. If he throws the hammer at you, you can catch it and throw it back. If it is the priest, she will summon shadows of familiar old bosses to fight – when she does this, focus fire on the image (her shield reflects damage while it is up). Most of the spells can be interrupted.
  3. The Black Knight. He’s a lot of fun. The fight is in three phases, first you fight him as a zombie (he will revive the blood elf as a ghoul so if you are tanking make sure to pick that up also). Then you fight him as a skeleton with some ghoul minions. Watch out because the ghouls explode at low health. Then you fight him as a ghost. When he is in ghost form the fight becomes a dps race because he puts out a debuff that increases magical damage taken with every tick and also deals magical damage to everyone in the group. If you are healing, check who has the marked for death debuff because they’ll be taking extra damage. (The third phase of this fight was the hardest healing in the instance, I found).

And for any Confessor Paletress fanboys, here’s the script of all the confessions she takes in the Argent Tournament tent. The forsaken one makes me proud to be undead!

We also ran a successful 25 man raid last night, despite half the addons working oddly. The first encounter in the new raid instance didn’t cause too many problems – I actually think it’s quite dull. Note that it only requires two tanks.

Then on to Ulduar which also has a few issues this patch, which are being hotfixed today, hopefully. Despite this we one shotted a few bosses, including XT with all the extra adds. I can’t say I was a great help on that particular encounter because I was in dps mode and managed to die fairly early on.

Must have been still getting over the trinket shock.

5 thoughts on “Beginners Luck #2

  1. I need to try the new stuff. I’m a fresh 80 Priest with 80% 187 level gear so I can’t do the heroic mode yet.

    • The nice thing about the tanking trinket is that it drops in normal mode (so lots and lots of tanks will want to run the normal mode). As a new 80, I’d recommend starting with normal instances in general if you can — just get some practice in and some confidence. Heroics aren’t that much harder but you’ll feel better for having learned them on normal mode.

    • Yes, I don’t see a lot of longevity in this patch at all. (It doesn’t bode well that I thought the first 25 man encounter was dull.)

      Still, as a first impression, it was fun and quick. I won’t dread running it again, which is always good.

  2. The first fight in the heroic 5 man is a bit of a crap shoot depending on who you get. Warrior/rogue/hunter, for example, was a bit of a nightmare because between the poison, the hunter needing something to distract them and the mobility of the warrior but shaman/rogue/mage we just burned down.

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