Just like Han Solo

Do you think it’s possible that there are any smugglers in the Star Wars universe who are *gasp* not either Han Solo, or exactly like him?

Me neither. And if you had any doubts, check out Hal Hood’s developer post about smugglers. As a thought experiment, try two different readings:

  1. Add ‘just like Han Solo’ to the end of every sentence. Read in awe as it continues to make perfect sense.
  2. Add ‘just like Han Solo, but without your pants!’ to the end of every sentence.

OK, so we get it. If you want to play a character like Han Solo, play a smuggler in SW:TOR. And .. well bad luck if you didn’t, I guess. They do sound fun though, and now I’m wondering if Jedi really will be the most popular class in the game after all.

Jedi may see things before they happen, but Smugglers always shoot first.

And after all, who doesn’t like Han Solo?

2 thoughts on “Just like Han Solo

  1. Han who? When it comes to being a Smuggler its all about Lando Calrissian. I think (and hope) that Bioware allows Smugglers to have a little bit Han’s wild side, Lando’s charisma, and some other traits that neither had but are part of being a Smuggler in timeline of The Old Republic.

  2. I wonder if the game will explore the dark side of smuggling.

    In real life smugglers are often vicious criminals who murder policemen. Historically some Cornish and Devon village were places where to admit you were an exciseman was to get yourself hung. They often acted as fences for pirates.

    Even in Timothy Zahn’s Star Wars novels (Thrawn Trilogy) smugglers are a dark group who distrust Han because they think he has gone straight.

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