Kill the raid boss … or rescue it?


And here we see a peacefully sleeping raid boss.

As you can see, it is tethered by all four feet and given no room to move around or stretch in its captivity at the Argent Tournament. The creature is kept in a state of constant hunger, and is periodically tortured with zapping rods (provided generously by the Kirin Tor as long as someone else uses them) to train it for its ultimate fate.

On tournament off-days, the yeti is transported into the arena and forced to fight teams of bored adventurers for the amusement of the gathered audience.

We’ve had funny fanfic before about what raid bosses do when there isn’t a raid around. But this is the first time we’ve actually been able to see it for ourselves. The Beasts of Northrend who comprise the first encounter in the Coliseum raid actually are tethered in captivity around the tournament grounds. It’s all a bit miserable.

I wish I could set them free. Maybe they’d even eat a crusader or two on their way home.

14 thoughts on “Kill the raid boss … or rescue it?

    • Yes but they are evil baddies who we later get to kill is the point 🙂 The Lich King also has a sort of Vrykul Arena going in Icecrown to pick out the strongest to act as his champions, but even so they fight each other and not random snakes and yetis.

  1. I made a comment a while ago that the WotLK expansion seems to have forgotten that the players are supposed to be heroes. Going and harassing a tethered enemy doesn’t seem all that heroic, does it?

    Haven’t played since the last patch (and have no desire to), so I haven’t done any yeti torturing myself. Being a druid, my character should probably oppose that behavior, though. But, ooh epics, right?

    • Yup. The Yeti fight is particularly sad because you enrage it (by poking with sharp objects) and then it charges into a wall and stuns itself — at which point everyone falls on the poor thing and does loads of extra damage.

      It’ll be interesting if Blizzard do announce new races and race/class combos for the next expansion this weekend, because it’ll be tempting for anyone who is worn of Northrend and its gloomy morality to decide to just take a break till Cataclysm (especially if they know they’ll want to roll a new alt then anyway.)

  2. Has “raiding” become to WoW players what wargames in the Circus Maximus were to the Romans? 😛

    I am still of the firm believe that raiding never was intended to become “the endgame”, but rather emerged of what was the devs throwing a bone to gnaw on to an audience that managed to level through all content way way way too early before new content could be produced.

  3. Wouldn’t it be nice if we were playing role-playing games and not Hotbar DDR: Azeroth Edition?

    I find it intolerable enough how droll MMOs tend to be, but it’s a shame that these games have the audacity to claim that anyone is playing a role other than “follow quest-helper, repetitively complete raid content, unsub”. It frustrates me how insubstantial your accomplishments are even in the context of the very game world where they should be important!

    (I’m feeling a bit bitter–maybe I shouldn’t comment late at night.:) )

  4. What is going on with that screenshot? He does have two horns, doesn’t he? Where’d the other one go? That’s a poorly chosen pose for such a beast. Unless they buried one of his horns in solid ice as a way to hold him down.

  5. The whole Argent Coliseum set up is horribly messed up – I don’t know what Blizzard were thinking. There’s nothing even remotely heroic in killing animals for sport, and I would argue that feeling like the hero – albeit in an occasionally morally ambiguous way – is kind of a major part of the deal.

  6. I’d say that the Northrend Beasts encounter is pretty “historically accurate” at least as far as tournaments of this kind go whether you look at this as more like the Roman Colosseum or Medieval Trials-of-Arms. It kind of reminds me of the fantasy equivalent of Bear Baiting.

    On that note, I don’t know what standing I have to complain about such practices considering my career as an adventurer has involved killing hundreds, if not thousands, of Yeti.

    • Someone calculated once that if you did all the Nesingwary quests you’d have slaughtered over 200 innocent beasts and that considering all the players that have gone through WoW over the years there have probably been over a billion creatures killed in the name of Nesingwary.

      The difference is that even before WotLK Nesingwary was something of an ironic MMO self-parody of the sort that Blizzard does repeatedly, and that became even more explicit in Northrend with the D.H.E.T.A stuff. This Argent Coliseum, however, is just…kind of weird. Probably the clearest example yet that Blizz has taken too much talent off WoW to support other projects.

  7. But to be honest? You’ve done a lot of dubious crap in WoW already.

    I mean, Zul’farrak? Where you stormed one of the few intact, uncorrupted Troll cities, killed their god so gnomes could have their race car go faster , rescued some dudes you then brutally killed, killed a rare and endangered species, killed their leaders for no readily apparent reason and desecrated a bunch of graves. You also stole some writings they were protecting in order to help an insane troll summon an elder god who eventually almost destroyed the world.

    It kinda makes the Icehowl thing seem like small time stuff.

  8. Makes me think what happened to that WoW faction of PETA??

    The problem is they don’t have a good spokeswoman. A hot Night Elf saying she would rather go naked then wear Artic Fur.

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