CCP to announce new Vampire: The Requiem MMO at PAX?

This is the big rumour going around at the moment. A Vampire MMO is going to be announced by CCP/ White Wolf at PAX next week. If you thought the buzz was strong about Dust, prepare to be blown out of the water.

And the proof? They’ve hired a nightclub in Seattle (Heaven) for the Saturday Night and are dressing it up as The Succubus Club. If you look at the flyer in the link, you’ll see it’s listed as a private event, but with the CCP and White Wolf logos in the lower left corner.

CCP have already trademarked the name Vampire: The Requiem for a computer game, could this be what they’re planning for it?

And as any fan of White Wolf’s Vampire RPG will know, The Succubus Club is an iconic vampire nightclub in the Chicago-by-Night setting. And besides, the picture shows a vampire with her fangs bared and wineglasses full of blood. Is the CCP game going to be set in Chicago? Get your fangs ready and prepare to find out.

26 thoughts on “CCP to announce new Vampire: The Requiem MMO at PAX?

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  2. Wheeee! (though I still think it won’t be called Vampire:the Requiem, it’s a pretty name if they do call it that!).

    Too excited. At least we’ll be together some of Saturday to squee unashamedly about it.

    Um, I mean to analyse the info given blah, blah, blah. And theorycraft. And pretend to be one another as bloggers, ofc ;p

    • Do that and I’ll bring Persepolis.

      I might pick up V:tR anyway. Hrrm, wonder if I have time for a trip into town, I really need to get someone a birthday present also.

      Vamp, Vamp, Vamp

  3. I don’t think it will be meta, but they better separate it into roleplaying and non-roleplaying servers. I can not think of any game that would have more of a culture clash between the two than this one.

  4. Holy shizer! I thought they would never announce it!

    If it’s based on Requiem, and it likely will be, I’ll have to think harder about the setting. Im not the biggest fan of the current WOD setting, but it’s still the shiznit!

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  6. I wonder if it will tie in to Eve and Dust514. Maybe if you lose in Dust514 you will get teleported to a vampire nightclub and roleplayed at as punishment.

    Eve will gain vampire bank auditors who ensure no one (else) is sucking the blood out of the bank’s assets.

  7. PS in Vampire I always played Brutor which is the macho dickhead clan. (And another Eve cross-reference if I’m remembering the name right – Brutor is a clan in Eve).

    The star of our group was of a clan that staggers around with deliquescing flesh slowing off in all directions like some kind of undead leper.

    Not only does that race have enormous comedy potential (eg giving someone the finger) but it’s effective to an overpowered degree at smuggling illegal items past cops and nightclub bouncers.

  8. A Vampire game by CCP could be pretty awesome. I remember playing Vampire: The Masquerade — Redemption back in 2000 and absolutely loving it. Of course, I used some strategy guide to find this awesome sword which I took into the present day scenarios with me and just slaughted everyone with it. Anyway, great game 🙂

  9. Have to say I wasn’t enamoured with the Requiem setting though I did only play the pen and paper RPG twice anyway… (years ago, so Masquerade).

    Absolutely loved Jyhad (or Vampire: The Eternal Struggle as they renamed it) – probably the most evil scheming political card game of that time. Wasn’t particularly great two player, awesome with 4 or more. (Kinda the opposite of Magic: The Gathering which was cool 2 player but never quite worked multiplayer – at least not while I still collected it).

    Toreador with Assault Rifles gunning down Malkavians, such sweet sweet music…

  10. I would love to check this game out/play it if it had RP-orientated servers and really, really hate to play it if it was anything but. I don’t want to RP on a server where some ain’t. It kinda ruins the whole experience. Then there could be some sort of Storytellers/Game masters that kept things nice & neat, and who kept people on the right path.

    Now, this isn’t something you see from a MMO but it could be cool if they’d make it so people could have their own servers (or the ability to create LAN servers) with own plots ecetera. Like Neverwinter Nights had the Aurora Toolset that allowed people to make their own adventures.
    I need to be careful about dreaming.. It may all turn out to be C-R-A-P. Oh well..

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