Ni Hao to Stars, and So That Was The Argent Coliseum

Either Blizzard are getting soft in their old age or else hardcore raid guilds are getting harder. The heroic mode of the new Trial of the Crusader fell for the first time to Paragon (who pipped Ensidia to the post, which must make the US players happy .. or at least those who care about such things) on 7th Sept.

edited to add: Oops, my bad. Paragon are an EU guild.

The Chinese guild Stars, who are based in Taiwan, got the second kill yesterday, despite being patched a couple of days after the US. They celebrated with a classy little post on mmo-champion (complete with the now obligatory screenshot and log parse):

Everything we got belongs to all wow players who can speak Chinese (“ni hao” is enough :p), no matter you are on the server of China, Taiwan, EU or US. Thank you very much for your supports! Thank Blizzard for making such a great game and Soft-World International for bringing it to Taiwan. Hope wowers on the China server can enjoy WoTLK soon.

Players are often racist about Chinese players, mocking them as farmers. But Stars are clearly keen to remind everyone that they are part of the worldwide community too and would absolutely be up there competing for world firsts if they had half a chance. I can’t imagine Ensidia coming out with anything quite this charming on a first kill. Ni Hao all round.

In other news, a crazy hardcore guild tries to work the system by swapping servers several times a week. In order to get the title for heroic trial of the crusader, a raid has to clear the whole instance with less than 50 wipes. Apparently if you take a server transfer, your wipe record is cleared. Yes, it’s an expensive way to get some more tries but if it is possible, you can be sure that someone will do it.

Apparently swapping servers also resets the other raid locks so you could theoretically run the raid instances again to get more loot in the same week. I mean, if you were that obsessed and really thought it was a big enough deal for 25 raiders to all pay for server transfers. Presumably Blizzard will have to hotfix something in now to prevent that (maybe put a 1 week timer on server transfers), in case other crazy hardcore guilds take it as a sign that they should be doing that too.

Incidentally, anecdotal evidence says that the heroic trial of the champion is hard as nails for regular mortals. So it is by no means a walkover to the vast majority.


4 thoughts on “Ni Hao to Stars, and So That Was The Argent Coliseum

  1. Oddly enough, a lot of bloggers seem to have “firsts” or rankings on the brain today…including myself!

    I am happy to see some new names at the top, I suppose. I was a bit unhappy to see paragon’s abuse of soulstones for their kill/hard mode work (I believe it was 18 warlocks to stone people?). It’s that kind of thing that will lead to nerfs of some sort.

    *sigh* I hate rankings…

  2. “Incidentally, anecdotal evidence says that the heroic trial of the champion is hard as nails for regular mortals. So it is by no means a walkover to the vast majority.”

    First time we took a swipe at it we didn’t even get past the first phase of Northrend Beasts. So, yes, it is absolutely hard. Much harder than normal – that is for sure.

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