Nothing says I love you like a mechanical squirrel


I’ve been spending some time lately duoing alliance characters with my husband. It’s been fun and chilled out. Yesterday, I found this in my mail. It’s one of the oldest pets in the game, and one of the cutest. So sweet.


(Admittedly I did send him the pattern. You can learn a lot about successful relationships from this 🙂 )

3 thoughts on “Nothing says I love you like a mechanical squirrel

  1. Yes, the ONLY way to get a present on the occasion you want from a man is leaving him a note: “tomorrow is my birthday. I like orchids. They are sold in the shop at X street Y”

  2. Awww.

    I really ought to date someone who plays MMOs.

    “Happy Birthday darling. I got you [Darius Johnson’s Frozen Corpse]”

    “Oh, you shouldn’t have!”

  3. I’ve tried to convince my wife to play PC games with me for years, she hates computers and would be much happier if she never had to use them, although she does like Pang and Rodlands from back in the day. I tried to explain how WoW is just a bigger version of that but didn’t get very far…

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