I have to play it again on hard mode?


There are two types of gamer in the world. Those who want to play through a game again on a harder mode after they’ve finished it, and those who don’t.

This is an issue that many players will now be facing in WoW. The latest raid instance has not posed a major challenge in normal mode, even to casual raid groups. But the question is: Do we want to play it again, with shorter enrage timers, more adds, and the raid taking more damage all round? If the answer is no, then Blizzard’s flagship is looking thin on content at the moment.

Oh, there is plenty to do in WoW. It’s just that at this stage in the expansion, players who were in from the start have generally already done as much as they wanted of the older stuff. Alts are a possibility, but time to level and gear up is faster than ever, especially if you use heirlooms and xp via PvP (apparently Alterac Valley is where the big xp gains are to be made). We are also now into the ‘holiday season,’ with Brewfest, Hallow’s End, and WinterVeil leading up to the end of the year, and there are new holidays this year also  (Day of the Dead, something to do with pilgrims and turkeys).

They’ve successfully channelled more players into the raid game, and now we see where that is leading. Because when the raid game is ‘finished,’ what is there to do while waiting for the next raid? The gap in difficulty between normal and hard mode Coliseum is high — a raid which can muster enough dps to clear the normal mode might hit a brickwall on the first encounter of the heroic version.

There will be plenty of content in Icecrown whenever patch 3.3 comes out, but that probably won’t be for months. If you’re playing WoW, how are you keeping yourself amused at the moment?

10 thoughts on “I have to play it again on hard mode?

  1. Well, for me its guild drama, thanks to it, content doesn’t get cleared and there is always something to do!

    On a more serious note, most guilds I know clears ToC and goes back to Ulduar hard modes with ToC gear, as with advent of new loot they become actually doable for less hardcore groups.

  2. Tbh, I think this is a good time to try out some other MMOs.

    I do enjoy WoW, but its not like I can force Blizz to release new content sooner -or suddenly make hardmodes into new encounters. They tend to be different in some ways, but also too many hardmodes are simply a demand for higher dps where standing in the fire will actually kill you.

    If it was up to me Blizz would keep releasing bosses to ToC on a weekly basis, making it up to be a place with potentially 15-20 bosses (possibly with some trash inbetween). ToC have fun fights that are just easy enough for semi-casual guilds to get a challenge, without getting stopped in progression for longer periods of time.

    So this new free time (not spent on alts or making money for raiding, grinding rep etc cause its all done to death) I think I will spend looking at other MMOs. They rarely keep me interested for much longer then a month, but there is something special about installing a new game, getting to know new classes and seeing a new virtual world for the first time.

    But, more importantly: Nothing gets me psyched about WoW again as trying other MMOs and finding all the things I miss in WoW 🙂

  3. You just nailed the reason I couldn’t buy into the hard mode style of raiding….. it was just the same thing, but less forgiving (except in a few cases, like Sarth3d). The worst part is, you pretty much have to gear up on the normal modes to try the hard modes (unless you’re bleeding edge)…. and so you’re bored of the content by the time you’re ready to try hard.

  4. I can get behind hard modes that are different.Which is odd and I never thought that I would…but there it is.

    Hearbreaker and the Iron Council were great fun. I am not however finding the difference between Coliseum that much to be enjoyable. And doing it once 10 normal, 10 Heroic, 25 normal, 25 heroic? Come on, really. I felt part of the reason we all got so sick of Naxx was running it twice a Raid lock out. Now we get to run one 4 times a week? Ah well we’re in holiday season at least.

  5. I quit for 5 months and then am back playing casually. I played my new Death Knight for a couple hours over the weekend and transfered my Alliance Hunter alt to Horde. I’m not playing all day every day and won’t be for a long time. Not setting up specific play times and just getting the odd piece of time here and there keep things OK for me right now.

  6. After 12 months of solo play and 3-4 months of raiding, I finally forced myself into PvP battlegrounds and after doing each BG 5-10 times I’m starting to get it. And I really like it. It fits nicely in with my playstyle which is being able to play in 30-60 minute random intervals and sometimes more after 9pm. Raiding requires you to be literally GONE for 3-4 hours during prime time and my wife’s patience for that has waned. When I’m in a BG, I can respond to wife aggro/phone ringing/dog whining without letting down an entire raid group.

    AND I’m able to upgrade gear without it being an oft-disappointing random drop, or farming the same instance over and over. BG’s are different every time.

  7. I’ve come to think hard modes are a bad thing to have in an MMO.

    Why? They encourage segregation of the players by skill. If you want to do challenging content, you are actively discouraged from grouping with weaker players. The harder the content it, the less slack your group can tolerate. Players have to jump from guilds that aren’t performing if they want to try the harder content.

    If you don’t like to guild jump, you will quickly find yourself in a guild drained of many of the better players, the ones who were carrying it. I’m sure we’ve all been in guilds that mysteriously started to suck. This is a good part of the reason why.

    Blizzard is adding rated BGs, which will carry the elite segregation disease into BGs, where it had previously been absent (which is one reason why so many people prefered them.)

    • Rated battlegrounds will be a minority interest, but that minority will have a lot of fun with them, I think.

      The big problem is not the elitism but the need for organisation. It’ll be similar to running 25 man raids if you take it seriously, you’ll need a schedule, you’ll need careful class balance, etc etc etc

      And since the appeal of bgs for a lot of people is that you can drop into one for 15-20 mins when you have some spare time, the rated versions won’t really substitute for that imo.

  8. I finally gave up on WoW. I told my guildmaster today to demote me from my raider position and I’ve moved to playing Aion and EVE. WoW just wasn’t fun anymore and rather than beat my head in everytime I log in, I’d rather have fun 😀

  9. The Grand Crusader instance seems to be keeping hardcore guilds very happy. Even if they’ve seen content already, fine tuning it to such a high degree is what they want. I mean, veyr rarely do you see people clearing yogg+o or Tribute to Insanity25 complaining that content is boring or the same. Those guilds also understand that content has a life cycle.

    As for my guild? We’ll clear normal mode weekly, still push into post Keeper Ulduar. Personally, I can focus on questing, battlegrounds, reputations, all while being able to see the newest(and coolest!) content in game.

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