Raid Updates, Cash Counting, Goblin Naming

I’ve never been more glad to not be a raid leader in WoW than I am right now. We’re suffering an embarrassment of riches at the moment, and there are plenty of hard modes that we could attempt, but scheduling and keeping raiders’ eyes on the ball has never been trickier.

I’m sure other raids are in this situation also.

  • You’ve cleared the Coliseum on normal mode and can sweep through it in about an hour, all being well. The loot is still good upgrades for a lot of people.
  • You cleared Onyxia last week. That’s not an issue, she wasn’t supposed to be a progression raid – they just gave her progression type loot so you don’t really want to skip her.
  • You’ve either cleared Ulduar on normal mode or still have one of the last two bosses left. In either case, in order to get to those guys you need to schedule an evening for clearing Ulduar and that probably means clearing on normal mode because if you waste too much time on wiping then you won’t get to Yogg Saron. Also most of the normal mode loot isn’t as desired as the other raids.

So on the one side you have the hard mode encounters which will involve lots of wipes. On the other hand, you have raids which still give loot that people need. And some of your progression fights are at the end of an instance that people aren’t so keen to go to any more. Plus you have limited time and some of your raiders are already bored of the Coliseum and complain about having to clear it on normal mode.

Normally (and I use that word in the widest sense), if it was me, I would let the bored guys bring alts to the normal modes, assuming they’re properly geared for it. Then they could switch to their mains for hard modes. But then you have to sort out your loot priorities (I consider it unfair to let someone take part in a raid and not allow them a share of the loot, regardless of whether it’s an alt or main), deal with everyone else who wants to bring their undergeared alt too, and still try to put together a raid that is competent to clear the instance.

For myself, I’m still enjoying the actual raids themselves. I like Ulduar and would love to go back there – but Coliseum has been good with the tank loot and I have most of the things I wanted from normal mode already. So I feel as though when it is a choice, I pick the instance which is prettier and more fun. When it isn’t a choice (ie. need gear) then I prefer to go where the gear is.

If you assume most raiders take a similar point of view, then we’re going to be in the Coliseum for awhile. And hopefully people will still remember the Ulduar fights when we get back to it. I don’t actually hate the Coliseum fights though – our raid group has been particularly good at learning the Faction Champions so even that fight is feeling more fun and less of a hassle these days.

Our initial try at the hard mode beasts was quite promising too. I may be the only person in the raid who thinks this, but I’m sure we could take them now on hard mode. It just needs everyone to be very on top of their game, and some insane healing in phase 1. (Like most raid groups, we have some insane healers so that’s probably fine.)

My Money Making Tips

Alchemy and Blacksmithing are not usually among the top money makers in trade professions. But now is THAT time. (Did I mention that my main is a blacksmith and my alt is an alchemist? Fight the expansion-tradeskill tyranny of jewelcrafting and inscription!!)

Runed orbs are coming way down in price and I’ve been able to sell a couple of Indestructible Plate Girdles, the pattern I picked up in Ulduar many moons ago. Belt buckles are also selling well – I suspect the new arena season, new belts on the triumph badge vendor, and drops in the Coliseum feed into this.

With the alchemist, note that transmuting metagems is not on a cooldown and that Onyxia drops are mostly … hats with metagem sockets. Everyone and their dog is currently killing Onyxia, and I’ve been selling metagems as fast as I can make them.

More news about Cataclysm

The hype train for Cataclysm is still going full steam ahead and this month’s PC Gamer has an interview with Blizzard about the new Cataclysm racial starting zones. sums the information up – and much as I hate overpriced PC magazines that obsess about shooters I don’t want to play, I’ll pick up a copy later to see what they missed.

As for the goblins, you start on Kezan as a pretty high level (society-wise, not game mechanics) executive, successful and rich, with a hot secretary. When Kezan begins to fall apart, you give your life savings to a Trade Prince who promises you safe passage to the mainland. Instead, he captures you and tries to sell into slavery.

If I wanted to play a goblin before, I want to play it doubly much now! So I do need to think of a name and all that jazz.

Maybe I’ll think about that while zoning through normal mode Coliseum this week!

7 thoughts on “Raid Updates, Cash Counting, Goblin Naming

  1. Raid scheduling at the moment is horrible. Noone is in the same place anymore. Newly dinged 80s wanting to do Ulduar to get some loot, bored core raiders wanting to try TotC heroic, casual raiders wanting to down Yogg so they can complete the “I cleared Ulduar”-achievement. And how to judge who fits into what content is nigh on impossible as some have really awesome gear as they have badges coming out their, ehm, ears but no experience and others the other way around. I may resign leadership and go on a vacation…

    I will play a goblin just to get to play through the start area, but then it will get binned. Was planning on doing the same with a Worgen, but then I watched Underworld Evolution the other night and seeing the werewolf leader Lucian sneaking around equipped with some long daggers – I decided that I just had to have a Worgen rogue (never played a rogue before). So a placeholder has now been set for Lucianne (I know I’m so sad… 🙂 ).

    Don’t normally get around to commenting, but read all your posts – great blog! 🙂

  2. Interesting.

    I’m wondering now whether hardmodes as a raid mechanic will always lead to a wider split between the farm raid raiders and the progression raid raiders.

    I think Blizzard is opening new ground in game design, even more so with the application of normal/heroic to raids.

    How much can you divide your content into difficulty settings before the old raid guild system starts to have real problems?

    Is there a player solution? Hard mode guilds?

    • Yeah, I think it’s very interesting watching how things pan out. I’ve seen some hardcore guys complain that their guild wants to run the coliseum 4 times a week for the extra badges. I’ve seen others complain about other people’s selfishness in not coming on the badge runs.

      I am always quite impressed at Blizzard’s willingness to toss stuff into the game and see what happens. I think this is going to make it harder for people to play together, not easier. It’s already a struggle for us to get people to do normal TotC 10 and we haven’t even started on the heroic version yet.

      And we’re a casual raid group. It’s just that the guys who come with us on the 10 man jaunts tend to be the more hardcore of the group. They look to the 10 mans to get the egoboost that they don’t get from our (fun but not hardcore) 25 man runs, I think. It’s like they want to prove that although they choose to run with a casual group, they’re still just as capable as the hardcore raiders.

  3. If you don’t want to spend a raid night reclearing the first half of Ulduar for Yogg attempts, you could try extending your save for a week. You’d be missing out on the loot for re-clearing, but that’s less of an issue if most of the loot is being wasted or sent to alts.

  4. Aramadillo:-

    Trouble is our guild at least can quit easily clear non hardmode _up to_ Yoggi fairly easily and quickly.

    So do you leave it there on Yoggi dropping no loot and in particular no legendary fragments…for a week or two ? Or do you farm lootz?

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