To test or not to test

Yesterday saw two large and long awaited projects either begin a new phase of testing or open signups for beta testers. I’m talking about Google Wave and Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Google Wave is The Next Big Thing that is going to change online communication as we know it, etc (until the next thing comes along). From what I can gather, you can treat a wave as though it was email, twitter, instant messenger, or even a blog. You can embed video, links, pictures, games, comments, edits, voice chat … and anything else anyone can write an addon to do. Or in other words, I actually have no specific idea how I’d use this thing at all but I see the possibilities there for collaborative working and gaming, and I want to experiment with it myself and find out. Naturally I’ll do my best to break it along the way and pass on any bugs I locate.

SWTOR is just a game.

No guesses as to which beta I’m more keen to get into at the moment.

6 thoughts on “To test or not to test

  1. I signed up for both, I can’t wait to get my mits on Waves Development tools :D, it has a lot of potential. Reports have stated it’s very ‘noisy’ and I can understand why. It’ll be up to the plugin developer to hopefully focus that noise into something productive.

  2. Wave looks absolutely amazing, I’m really looking forward to seeing a finished product there. With the right setup, I’m imagining a world where all forms of blogs, forums and newsletters simply die – you just wave in on the relevant topics.

    Nevertheless, WTB SW:TOR-reports 😉

  3. Cool news:

    1.) I got no Google Wave invite so far!
    2.) For some reason, I cannot even finish the sign-up process for SWTOR. Chrome, Firefox, IE8 – no browser worked, I always got returned to the previous page to enter personal data that I already entered over and over.

    I threaten to go to Google HQ and won’t flush the toilet till I get an invitation to Google Wave. 😛

  4. Anxiously waiting for the Wave invite, please pass one if you have. 😛

    Haven’t registered for the SWTOR yet, so I think I’ve passed that beta… will try later today, though.

    Congrats for both entries, though!

    C out

  5. I also had a little trouble with the SWTOR sign-up – I had to go back and make sure I had filled in every single field before it would let me. It was doing the exact same thing you described, so give that a shot.

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