The Law of Gearing Alts

It is inevitable that when your alt gets into an instance or raid group, an item will drop that you have been waiting for on your main for ages.

Last night, a few of us from the guild were chilling out in different CC10 runs on alts. We compared notes about what items were dropping. It was uncanny! In my run, my husband (whose main is a warlock) was pining at all the spellpower weapons and we had the tanking sword off the last boss. In my friend’s priest’s run (his main is a paladin), they got just about all the 2 handed melee weapons that can possibly drop.

5 thoughts on “The Law of Gearing Alts

  1. I propose an addition to this law: The Law of Achievements on Alt: Any achievements which your main has struggled to get will be easily achieved by an undergeared alt who is not even trying.

  2. I too have become victim to this many times.

    I was healing on my resto shaman in the new free Epics isntance (ToC) and the spell power dagger dropped but whenever I got on my warlock healing gear drops–

    What is this? lmao.

    Luckily though, I recently got the Onxyia one, bye bye Damnation :D:D
    Was wierd to be full t8&9 but get unlucky with weapon rolls…

  3. I think my priest atrracts plate drops as normally over the course of several instances most of the loot that drops is all stuff designed for tanking, which is quite annoying. Not as annoying as when I was after my D3 chest in TBC, I spent a week and a half of 2-3 runs of Shadow Lab per day to try and get it to drop off Murmur. It just wouldn’t drop. I went from half way through Honoured with Loewr City to Exalted and when I finally did hit Exalted it dropped, only to be replaced the following night by a drop in Karazhan.

  4. Good points! I like this ‘law’ 🙂

    One thing to consider is that if you’re running your alt through content, chances are good that well-geared mains are running with you, and have no need for that drop either. In the ‘I didn’t get my xxx’ posts I often see people say, “I ran it 10 times and it didn’t drop,” but I also see, “I ran it 10 times and it only dropped twice and I lost both rolls to a huntard.” You’re more likely to win the roll when running with an alt in many cases.

  5. I think the biggest frustration that my raiders run into regarding this is that they’ll be gearing up their offspecs and have been actively seeking out a piece forever… every main already has it and the one time that an alt is needed to fill a role… the item drops and the alt gets it b/c it’s main spec for them. Makes me glad that I don’t have an offspec 😉

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