Dragon Age Hint: So you need more storage space

One of my major issues with the game is the lack of some kind of vault in which to store items that you might need later on in the game. I end up carrying around way too many gifts for companion characters I haven’t even met yet, for example.

If you have the same problem, you’ll be pleased to know that there is now an (free) unofficial  addon which adds a storage chest to your camp. You can get hold of it here. Read and follow the installation instructions carefully so that everything ends up in the right directories. It won’t conflict with the storage provided as part of the Warden’s Keep DLC if you already have that.

It’s a generous addition by one of the Bioware coders, on his personal time. He’s also provided the source code, so addon writers looking to add things to the campsite could use that as a starting point.

7 thoughts on “Dragon Age Hint: So you need more storage space

  1. That’s pretty cool, and a desperately needed addition for those who didn’t get the Warden’s Keep DLC. I did, and it’s the first thing I went to do after Ostagar once I read about the storage chest. I can’t imagine progressing farther in the game without one – just so much “stuff” I’ve collected I didn’t want to throw away.

  2. Found out about this the day after I bought Warden’s Keep. Good thing it wasn’t the only good thing about the DLC. Besides, the reason I bought it was because I didn’t mind paying extra for more of a game that I enjoyed so much and obviously had had so much work put into it.

  3. Is the camp on the mini-map? I havent been able to change my party in a while have I miised that?

    What is also this buying of additional content I haven’t even seen that.

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  5. Bioware have become money grabbing selfish fools. They’re trying to punish people who buy second hand games by charging heavily for DLC that comes free with new copies. and not even bothering to test games properly and just fixing them with DLC that you have to pay for!

    Mass effect 2 was terrible for this, you get zero DLC if you buy the game second hand, and you don’t even get access to the DLC unless you buy the cerberus pack! (which was a fairly crappy DLC at that).

    Stop punishing the poorer people Bioware, you make me not want to buy your games in future,

    in my opinion having no item storage in DAO makes in nearly unplayable.

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