Solving the disenchanting problem in patch 3.3

Enchanters in WoW have it great. They provide a service that is required by every single raider – one enchant on each item, replaced every time an item is replaced. And they also have the sole means of producing their own raw materials. So if you want to buy an enchantment, you have two choices:

– Either buy it direct from an enchanter or buy the scroll of enchantment from the auction house

– Buy raw materials from an an enchanter/auction house, and pay someone to make the enchant with them

This is the only profession in WoW which is the sole supplier of both raw materials and finished items. A lot of people level enchanting on an alt and use it solely to break down unwanted items into materials to sell. (I have an alt enchanter, so I’m not just complaining about being cut out of this market because I’m not.) Because enchanters hold the monopoly on disenchanting, groups often ask them (if there is one in the group) to disenchant unwanted bind-0n-pickup items which turns them into materials that can be rolled for and traded.

The big problem with enchanting is that so many of the potential raw goods are wasted. Every time someone sells an unwanted green drop to the vendor, it’s a waste of enchanting material. Every time an enchanter in a group doesn’t disenchant unwanted blue drops, it’s a waste of enchanting material. You don’t see this so much with ore, herbs, leather, and cloth. If people gather or collect those and don’t need them, they get sold on the auction house.

But try selling unwanted green items on the auction house? No one buys. Enchanters have cheaper ways to acquire dust which usually involve finding something that is cheap to craft , then making a ton and disenchanting them. It might be that they’d buy green items if the profit margin was large enough, but actually vendors are happy to pay a few gold for the items too, and they’re expensive to list. (Unlike enchanting materials, which you can list on the AH for free.)

What this all ends up meaning is that if you aren’t an enchanter, you have no way to gain the full potential from your unwanted magic item (and you will have TONS because they give them out like candy as quest rewards). You’ll still have to pay the enchanter twice, once when you buy the raw materials and again when you pay for the actual finished enchantment.

In patch 3.3, it will be easier for groups to disenchant unwanted drops if there is an enchanter in the group. Enchanters have been unhappy about this because there isn’t even an option to ask the enchanter if they want to do it. If you have someone in your group with that craftskill at a high enough level, then there will be an option to automatically disenchant and distribute the resulting materials when an item drops. (I think it goes need/greed/disenchant.)

The only reason an enchanter might object to this is because they want to keep their monopoly on raw materials and keep the profits high (or because they can’t be bothered, which the new patch will fix). Why else would they let a valuable raw material go to be sold to a vendor because they’re unwilling to disenchant?

But I think this doesn’t go far enough.

Really there should be disenchanting NPCs in the major cities. If people want to cash in their unwanted magical items  for dust, let them do it. And enchanters, like tailors, could simply have the chance to proc extra shards and dust when they do the disenchanting themselves.

That means it would still be worth keeping that disenchanting alt and it would still be profitable to disenchant items yourself. Enchanters would still retain the skill-perk of being able to enchant their rings. But fewer green items would be wasted, the tradeskill would be easier and cheaper to level because there would be more materials around, and non-enchanters wouldn’t get gouged all over the place — it might even encourage more people to buy enchants even if they don’t raid.

Also, like inscription, they should let enchanters trade in current tier dust for lower level dust. That would encourage people to put up more lower level enchants, or make more dust available for people levelling the tradeskill.


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  1. Is there an enchanting reagent shortage? I see plenty of everything on my server’s auction house, unlike during some points in BC or early WotLK (with both fixed by void shatters). I don’t think that vendoring greens, and losing potential dust/essences, is holding anyone’s enchanting needs back. I guess adding more supply would lower the price, but I don’t really see that as a pressing problem.

    The disenchanting change is more of a convenience than a necessity, and I’d say the same about a reagent-trading scheme.

  2. I liked how it was before the skill level on disenchanting, you could disenchant anything with a low enchanting skill. Not the best mechanic, but you could send trash to an alt for DE purposes.

    One of my horde chars was an enchanter, I sent all my alts greens to it. I miss having that available when I play on the alliance.

  3. I stopped reading right after “But try selling unwanted green items on the auction house? No one buys.”

    Because on my server not only they sell but they sell so well that I buy cheap ones to relist them and they go 90% of the time. The key is to resell them under the estimated disenchant price given by Auctioneer/Enchantrix.

    If you are so wrong in one of your premices I don’t want to read the conclusion 🙂

    • Well, clearly I can only comment on servers I’ve seen. But what I see is that although some lower level greens may go cheaply, Wrath level ones almost never do. (Maybe vendors pay too much for them to make it worthwhile.)

      • I buy them at a certain cost. If you list them too high no one will buy this happens on our server as well. My first job when I log on is goto the AH and look at green items on a certain level and higher and see what the cheapest ones are and buy up until a certain gold value. Sometimes there is loads there sometimes there is not much and what there is is on the border. My cap used to be 15g but it has gone lower these days

  4. more supply wont nessacrly lower the price becuase there are no AH fees whatsever with enchanting goods, so that makes it a much less risky place to preform roll overs.

  5. First, they have to add an option to roll on ore, leather, cloth and so on.

    If there is a miner in the group, the game should open a roll window and everyone would be able to roll when approaching a mine. (The miner wouldn’t even have to mine it). Same for flowers.

    If a beast dies, everyone should be able to roll on leather if a skinner is in the group.

    Everyone should get more cloth if a tailor is in the group because they get more cloth from killed mobs.

    Why is disenchanting the only profession where the game forces you to offer it for free to your group? And why can’t I roll on the frost lotus?

    It’s basically the same discussion we had 4 years ago with the beast in UBRS and her hide. 🙂

    Then, I think what you suggest is a bad idea. The AH is already flooded with enchanting materials. They don’t have to be any cheaper.

    If you want something like that, offer a different path. NPCs who could deconstruct your items. cloth items -> cloth; leather/mail items -> leather; mail/plate items -> ore/bar. We don’t need the same path on an NPC and a profession.

    Or give more professions a way of reusing items. Like a tailor could get cloth out of his cloth items and an alchemist could dissolve items to extract the magical power and brew potions from it and so on.

    • You can already loot cloth. And it’s hardly as if ore, skins, and herbs can only be looted inside instances with a group to help you, they’re all over the world — plus most people who need them also have the gathering skill. It is however the easiest form of getting shards, which /everyone/ needs for enchantments OR for sending to an enchanter alt.

      The argument about the beast in UBRS is a stronger one and I think it was always nuts that skinners got to take it, it totally should have been rolled by anyone who needed it.

      I think it’d be fine to give people other ways to use unwanted enchanted items, definitely. But it’s crazy that they just get wasted … unless you happen to be an enchanter.

      • Sure, you can loot ore, cloth and herbs outside of instances. (Dark iron once was an exception.)

        But that doesn’t change the fact that only one gathering profession is “forced” to give away their service for free in an instance.

        What if new pants drop? Should I automatically get a button to craft a new leg armor if such a crafter is in the group? That would be something I could not “farm” on my own outside of the instance.

        I also found it funny that the group normally demanded to roll for the hide of the beast but I’ve never ever seen a group roll on an arcanite crystal. They ware worth a lot. Really a lot. And you basically got at least one for free at the end of dire maul east, which you couldn’t reach without a group.

        > But it’s crazy that they just get wasted … unless
        > you happen to be an enchanter.

        That’s what’s really strange. You can only roll on disenchant if an enchanter is in the group. The shard is still wasted if you happen to group without an enchanter.

        It’s not that they changed the loot system and said: “Ok, you can choose between an item and a shard.” They are really forcing enchanters to offer their profession for free.

        In the end nothing changes, I’ve never seen anyone refusing to disenchant for the group. Enchanters always offer this service automatically on my server.

        It’s just always bad if someone takes a piece of free will from you. In that case they take away the chance from you to be nice and offer something nice to your group. That’s somehow sad.

  6. “The only reason an enchanter might object to this is because they want to keep their monopoly on raw materials and keep the profits high.” I wouldn’t expect this sort of absent-minded trolling from you. Enchanters aren’t trying to restrict the supply, we’re trying to control our profession. We want to be able to choose to use our not use our profession, just like anyone else.

    Instead of repeating all I’ve said before, here are a few posts I’ve made about it.

    • I am an enchanter. My alt levelled enchanting the hard way. Just because it isn’t on my main (and in fact I’m doing loads of enchanters a favour by tanking for them rather than insisting on bringing my warlock enchanter alt along) doesn’t mean I don’t understand your existential pain.

      I’m rather beyond caring about shards myself, I have enough cash to buy what I need, or I can sent my alt stuff to disenchant. You want to control the profession? Well, monopolies suck, and Blizzard is about to blow yours right open, and I’m cheering them on.

      But think what it’s like for a new character, just for a moment. Enchants are far too expensive (not just from price gauging but because there’s an artificial limit on the raw materials) and for many pieces there aren’t good cheap options as there are for gems.

      How many people start an enchanting alt as soon as they move to a new server? How many people level enchanting on an alt just to disenchant because they know the materials will be in short supply? That, my friend, is a tradeskill that is broken.

      Another way to fix it would be to separate off disenchanting as a separate profession. That would show how broken it is.

      • What monopoly? No player controls the market. Do enchanters have a monopoly on mats? I suppose. Miners have a monopoly as well, as do all professions. I make far more gold from my JC than my enchanter, maybe I’m a bad enchanter/good JC, but I imagine much of it is that the supposed richness of enchanting is less than it once was. Those cheap gems? I run nice big profit margins on those. People refuse to do math and notice that 2g->4g is a higher % than 100g->150g.

        Should we also break off prospecting? I’ve heard that’s quite profitable. My scribe has made a bit of gold from selling pigments. These aren’t gathering professions, they’re a necessary part of the crafting.

      • What about cross server groups? Why would you care if someone on a different server had a shard or not, because that won’t affect your market?

        Also, your scribe sells pigments to other scribes. And anyone can buy and sell the raw materials for pigments. The raw materials for shards are mostly BoP (oh, you can make blue BoE gear but it costs more in materials than the shard would be worth).

  7. The problem that I always had was that there really wasn’t any incentive for me to go through the motions of disenchanting items on a dungeon run because they’d be likely given to someone else. It got to the point where I’d even lie and say I wasn’t an enchanter because I didn’t feel like having to stand around for 10 minutes after the run d/e-ing, searching through my bags and then opening trade with each and every member (oops, don’t forget the ones that fight over shards because “hey, he got a drop so he shouldn’t get a shard!”).

    In my opinion, blizzard needs to implement something similar to the other professions where there’s a chance to proc an extra item. They’d need to make it BoP to the enchanter (so the group doesn’t want to roll on it too)…like an extra shard or dusts. It’d be similar to giving mats to a transmuter and telling them they can keep any extra diamonds that proc.

    • I like the idea that enchanters could proc extras for themselves. I think it fits with how alchemy and tailoring work. It’s a nice perk but not overwhelming.

  8. One more thing I wish blizz would do is make mats postable in full stacks only…I mean this crap where people are buying stacks then re-posting all of them individually is ridiculous. There’s seriously 15 pages of individual single item auctions for infinite dust on my server…quite annoying. Want a few stacks? Get ready to click 120 buttons (once on the item, once to buyout, once to confirm buyout…oh and lets not forget that you’ll have to go get all 40 out of the mail too.)

    • I know this isn’t a proper fix since it’s an addon, but I highly recommend Auctionator. You can give it buy lists to search and then it can list the item by price, stack, whatever. So in this case you might see 1.5g per item, 1000 stacks of 1. Tell it to buy and pick the number of stacks, it will automatically buy that many, though I think it has some sort of gold limit at which point it will ask for confirmation on more buyouts. I also use Postal which can be set to open all of a certain type of mail, such as won auctions.

  9. I think the main issue enchanters have is that it is the only profession where the gathered materials for that profession is being forced to share with everyone in the group whether they like it or not.

    Think about when you go into a dungeon with 4 other random people. 1 is an enchanter, 1 is a tailor, 1 is a miner, 1 is a skinner, 1 is a herbalist. There are 5 bosses in the instance each with 1 blue item, 5 herb nodes, 5 mining nodes, 5 mobs with extra cloth on them, and 5 things to skin. The entire group goes in and kills everything in the instance and gets all of the above things and no one needs any of the loot off the bosses. The enchanter de’s all of the items and has 5 shards, the herbalist gets all the herbs, the skinner gets all the leather, the miner gets all the ore, the tailor gets all the extra cloth.

    Now that we are at the end the enchanter is now forced to pass out all the shards, the herbalist keeps all the herbs, the miner keeps all the ore, the skinner keeps all the leather, and the tailor keeps all the cloth. At this point is where the enchanters complain because their profession is the only profession where it is expected to give away everything they collect in an instance. The same old excuse is used every time as well. “Well there would be no shards if us other 4 weren’t here.” There also would not be any more of the other materials that were collected as well. Really this is the issue enchanters have is being forced to give out something only they can collect. Everyone needs materials for something whether it is for a flask for raids, spellthreads, leather patches, or eternal belt buckles. All of the items get collected from instances all the time for these items yet they are not asked to be shared, yet all the enchanting materials are always asked to be shared.

    • I think the issue with the shards is that by disenchanting a BoP item, you’re turning it into a BoE item that actually can be used by anyone. But even if you win 20% of the instance shards, you can still shard all your unwanted quest gear, any blue stuff you or your alts make, or anything you find cheap on the AH.

      Also, how much herbs and ore do people think actually exists in instances? I can think of a couple of cobalt nodes in UK and some nodes in Ulduar (but if you go in with a raid the chances are you have some arrangement for the materials). Compare that to instances actually being the main source of shards for most players.

  10. Hmmm as a enchanter on my main I do rather object to being forced to use the skill. I mean for no clear reason I just dislike the lack of choice….

    And Postal is a great mod for those of us with 500 plus mails in the in box. along with a reload UI mod

    • This is actually why I’d prefer to see an NPC disenchanter so people could just take their unwanted BoP stuff and have it sharded without badgering PC enchanters to be involved.

  11. I don’t even have a high level enchanter and this idea bugs me.

    Enchanting takes a lot of dedication to level, and being forced to give a service (for free) is BS. Give the enchanter a clicky-box that allows them to DE for the group or “hide” their ability.

    As of now, no other profession is forced to do anything for the group, and singling out one profession is simply bad form and unfair.

  12. You only mention two possibilities as to why an enchanter would object to these changes:
    1) Enchanters want a monopoly on enchanting mats
    2) Its inconvenient (And I agree… this problem would go away.)

    First off, you are incorrect in asserting any enchanter is trying to create a monopoly, as a monopoly is defined as “exclusive possession” or a market. I believe the word you are looking for is “oligopoly”, where a small number of people control a market— and even that is pushing it… the number of enchanters on a server is hardly what I would call “small”.

    What enchanters might be trying to do, is simply limit the supply a bit… this is not a monopoly, but simply a decreasing of supply, to increase the price (assuming demand for enchanting mats, as you pointed out, is fairly inelastic.) Thus increases their profit from DEing their own quest rewards/BoPs as well as increase the profit from crafting items from other inexpensive mats and DEing them. Since the cost of raw materials is fairly independent of enchanters who DE the increased supply simply means lower profits for enchants who make money from crafting/gathering then DEing.

    What enchanter wouldn’t be upset by lower profits?

    Essentially, this is forcing enchanters to use their profession without compensation to the enchanter. A similar change would be if you simply found a person with 450 Tailoring who happened to have the pattern for merlin’s robes, now, in 3.3 all you have to do is stand next to them in Dal, with the mats in your bag, and click the “force player to make this for me” button. Boom! Merlins robe! And you didn’t even have to tip them! How cool!

    See why this is bad? Does it take any work for that tailor to make it? No. They just click a button, its true. They can choose to do it for free (if having people whipser you saying “thanks so much! OMG I LUV YOU” is your kinda reward, go for it) they can choose to accept whatever tip is offered, or they can state a fee required for creating that piece, and not create it unless the buyer pays the fee.

    I understand a lot of enchanters (and for that matter, a lot of people from every crafting profession) choose to “help nice plp” and craft for free, or so cheap its practically free (anything less than 25g is a joke… a daily takes what, 4 mins?). For them, this change affect nothing.

    However, if I am going to level a profession, earn tokens/ buy patterns/ farm for drops/ etc so that it becomes useful, I do it for ME. I do it so I can craft gear, enchant gear, gem gear, for me and my alts. Someone wants me to be thier bitch and do something for them? Great. PAY ME.

    Its an MMO. You should be allowed to choose if you want to be nice, or you want to be a hermit. You should be allowed to be a philanthropist or a miser. What makes MMOs fun for me, is I have choices that allow me to distinguish myself, but in terms of game performance, and social performance, from others.

    This change removes my choice, and forces me to be a “nice people plz whisper for ginvite free runs through SM crafting 450 free your mats” kinda person. And that pisses me off.

    I sure hope “greed” trumps “disenchant” and that we will still be able to greed on gear regardless of armor type. I am greeding on every single drop, and I will encourage others to do so as well, whenever I group with my enchanter.

    • I didn’t add—

      Currently I make gold on DEing in instances. At the end, I have a little macro that says “Trade any BoP’s recieved this run if you want me to DE. 5g for blues, 15g for purples.”

      So ya. I now lose 10-40g per run.

  13. The prospect of NPC Disenchanters worries me terribly. The crafting industry of the game has become so independent that I’m almost hurt. With the addition of enchanting scrolls, an enchanter alt became extremely valuable not only for DE but also for providing enchants to the other characters on the account. My priest could provide every tanking enchant my warrior needed without ever talking to another guildmate, and I could always count on top-end enchants for my alts when leveling them up. I’ll grant that all of these elements are convenient, but I also loathe the idea of never needing to work with others on crafting. Adding in NPCs to prepare the mats for me puts us one step closer to being able to do everything necessary for raiding with one character, unsupported by alts, guild, or AH. The fractured community of WoW really doesn’t need more reasons to isolate themselves, in my opinion.

    As for giving up the resources of a run, I was always happy to offer my services whenever running on my priest. I enjoyed being able to give back after sitting in the corner with glowy hands. If I wasn’t willing to do this service, then I wouldn’t ask people to pass loot to me – if everyone throws a greed roll on the drop, then any DE’ers can keep the mats happily as far as I’m concerned. It’s the act of passing loot to a DE’er that leads me to believe he is obligated to offer the shard back to the group – they’re giving up a chance at plenty of gold that they could make by vendoring the BoP item, so they deserve the same chance at the shard I convert it into. For all other gatherers, they need only compete amongst themselves: the other players aren’t giving up a chance at the resources by passing on an initial roll.

    In all, I still find the change in 3.3 to be a poor choice on Blizzard’s part. Disenchanting is a choice, just as is bothering with mining cobalt in UK or skinning every mob as you grind through Dragonblight. Taking away that choice is removing yet another element of individuality and player involvement in the game. Given that enchants are non-essential before raiding content, and given that anyone who reaches raiding content has access to substantial capital from all the quests and mobs they cleared to hit 80, I don’t see any reason to implement a change like this.

    Bottom line, if you need some mats disenchanted, you need only ask. I had at least three friends sending me regular shipments of goods, which I’d disenchant and mail back when I logged in on my priest next. Only jerks are going to reject a reasonable request. After all, it pays to disenchant for free: it earns credit as a good enchanter, so you gain visibility as a go-to person for enchants (which in turn can yield some nice tips for rare enchants). Don’t turn to NPCs for disenchants, reach out and make the game the social environment it was meant to be.

    • Don’t worry, the NPC disenchanters is just something I thought up. Blizzard haven’t stated any intention of doing that. (Although the group interface is effectively going to act as an NPC disenchanter for BoP loot in instances.)

      Although I do think you underestimate how tough it is for new players or people on new servers who don’t have the social network for free disenchants. It’s one thing to do it for friends or guildies, quite another for random noobs in Stormwind. What generally happens is that they don’t bother with enchants at all, which kind of makes the whole market smaller.

  14. If I am correct in understanding this, it might not be as bad as I thought. If the DE option is really lower priority than the greed option, then all we enchanters need to do at the start of a run is say that we are going to greed on stuff that no one needs, and we recommend they do the same, because if they choose DE and we choose greed, we’ll win it automatically.

    So if that is true, all we need to do is tell the group to greed and not choice the DE option. Sure it is kinda b*tchy, but at least it gives us an option not to HAVE to share our profession unless we choose to.

    • Apparently the patch is due to drop next week so we’ll find out then 😉 I’ll try to come back to this topic in a few weeks time after we’ve seen it in action.

      Just be aware that if you do tell your group you won’t disenchant, they may decide to boot you if it’s a cross server PUG.

    • All the non-cloth caster will love you if you greed on cloth spell power items which are an upgrade for them.

      With the completely fucked up looting system of 3.3, you can no longer “need” on an item which is an upgrade for you and is not of the highest armor type your class can wear.

      • If there is a mistake, BoP items will still be able to be traded with cross-server groups.

        So, if I roll greed to DE or sell it, and someone actually could use it, all they have to do is link what they have, and let me know it actually is an upgrade.

        I would gladly trade it to them then, no problem.

        (However, I also ready that random groups would be put together loosely based on gear, and since I am in mostly 245 and 258 I doubt that I would be grouped with anyone who actually needs something from a heroic.)

        Problem solved. I just hope greed will trump DE, and a clothie (my enchanter) will be allowed to greed on leather/mail/plate.

  15. I really like your proposed change. It has a nice cascading effect where even the lazy people would be more likely to enchant their gear. Enchanters still benefit from their profession getting the mats for itself. They still get to do the actual enchants for people too.

    By all rights, I should be able to both mine and make gear as a blacksmith. I don’t think enchanters know how good they’ve got it sometimes.

    • But, but, but, think of all the poor engineers!

      Remember that no profession can produce raw materials, convert raw materials into useful materials, and make usable items from useful materials; most do two of the three. Mining gets raw materials AND smelts them into useful materials; Leatherworking has leather conversion, hide curing, AND creation of leather and mail armor. Disenchanting can convert uncommon, rare, and epic items into useful materials AND create enchantments from them; it cannot produce the mats all on its own – it needs a source. instancing is likely the best source of rare and epic items, but farming for uncommon-quality items without using a secondary profession (i.e., Tailoring or Leatherworking) is a very cumbersome, luck-based process. It’s just like BS: only with mining can one ride/fly loops around mineral-rich areas and stock up quickly. Without mining, you’re relegated to lucky chests, a very short list of cave-dwelling mobs, and the AH for raw materials. So, while tailoring does have it nice, I wouldn’t say it’s spectacular or broken in any way.

      Apropos, Tailoring probably has it best. When you can farm nearly any humanoid-based mob in the game for a reliable supply of raw cloth, it’s the closest profession to being stand-alone by my reasoning above.

      • This is one reason why the combination of tailoring and enchanting is so popular.

        But I don’t think it was really intended that people make magical gear in order to shard it, and that’s something that mostly happens at max level when the economy is out of whack and it then corrects itself. It works while levelling because crafting while levelling involves making loads and loads of gear you can’t sell anyway (in WoW at least).

      • If you think about it, the magical items to disenchant have to come from somewhere. Someone had to craft them once.

        It’s either a NPC who put some magic in an item which is then stolen by a wolf who dropps it if you kill him.

        Or it is an item crafted by a player who, by using his crafting power, empowered it with magic. Just to disenchant it.

        That’s what a chemical plant does. Produce something just to turn it into something else for many steps.

      • Now you’re being silly. We know that NPCs don’t actually craft magical items — if they did, they’d buy raw materials from us.

        Non-crafted magical items are created by the game when people kill mobs or complete quests. If no one killed mobs, they would never enter the economy,

      • That was not my intention. -.-

        I always assume that, from a “lore”
        perspective, these items are actually created
        by some crafter.

        As much as I “believe” the Defias created SW
        although I know that it was Blizzards design team…

    • Having a main with blacksmithing definitely colours my views of other tradeskills. I don’t hate it, but you can’t really compare blacksmithing and leatherworking with other tradeskills and ever have them come out on par.

      • In the sense of money making potential, or having a wide variety of things to make that people might want to buy. Compare with jewelcrafting for example, similar bonuses for the crafter, but massively more interesting trade to ply at AH. They just aren’t as interesting as tradeskills.

        (I don’t include tailoring because although it isn’t very exciting, you can make a ton out of bags.)

      • > Compare with jewelcrafting for example, similar bonuses
        > for the crafter,

        Actually the JC bonus sucks since the gems are no longer
        prismatic. You cannot even equip an item with a 4th JC gem.
        Which is bad because you have to put the 3 JC gems into your
        items in a way that every possible collection of items has
        exactly 3 JC gems, not more nor less. That is a pain if you
        have multiple sets. 🙂

        > but massively more interesting trade to ply at AH. They
        > just aren’t as interesting as tradeskills.

        That’s very interesting. I have every profession at 450
        besides inscription (haven’t one) and tailoring (don’t see a
        reason to skill this up).

        The professions I made a ton of money with are BS and LW in
        combination with disenchanting. The chest for 4 cobalt ora
        back then, and artic boots afterwards were incredible good
        money makers if disenchanted.

        I sell 10-20 belt buckles per day for 20-40g profit each.
        And I made money selling leg kits from LW.

        And I sold the epics in the beginning of the expansion. (Shield,
        weapon, leather legs and boots). About one per profession per day
        which is okay because you make way more that way than people
        would tip you. 🙂

        I am not able to sell any gem on the AH because we have a
        player who sits in the AH from 1 pm to 6 am every day. (Don’t
        ask why I know that…) He undercuts you within minutes and the
        only way of beating someone with that much time is to invest
        more time. The AH is the last part in WoW where you get a real
        advantage by investing an insane amount of time. The removed the
        time criteria from PvP and from raiding, but not from trading.

        I’m not complaining, I have enough possibilities to make money
        without spending all my play time in the AH. Everyone should play
        the game the way he enjoys it.

        > (I don’t include tailoring because although it isn’t very
        > exciting, you can make a ton out of bags.)

        Leg armor? I never tried because mine doesn’t have the rep.

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