Best WoW Player in the World redux

I wrote a few months ago about a player on the EU servers who had attained the previously almost unimaginable score of 10000 achievement points in WoW. This week, the story has been all over the WoW blogs about a player on on the Taiwanese servers who has completed every single achievement in the game (bar one holiday achievement that was added recently for the Xmas holiday event).

For those keeping score, the Taiwanese guy whose name I can’t transliterate due to my sad lack of knowledge of Chinese currently has 10850 achievement points. But Zoltan is still very much in the game with 10790; comparing  armoury pages it looks as though he was less lucky with some of the random holiday items and with the fishing.

(Edited to add: Longasc points out in comments below that Casperle on EU-Azshara has 10830 achievement points. Not sure who is the top US achiever, anyone know? And is it a coincidence that both the Europeans are on German language servers?)

Or in other words, Taiwanese and European achievement collectors are approximately as nuts as each other. But you have to respect that kind of dedication. From a safe distance.


8 thoughts on “Best WoW Player in the World redux

  1. you again ignored Casperle. 10830.

    Regarding achievements and my opinion about them, you could as well wave a bull with a red cloth. You know that already.

    Note: Some of these players just love to play WoW. For ages by now. But the number of players who got “obsessed” with achievements without getting that far shows me that this e-peen system is unnecessary and might in the end even scare some away with the monotony of grinding the less interesting achievements.

  2. As I’ve said before, sometimes it’s nice to know you’re not the geekiest (or most obsessive) person around.

    My achievements sucked because I’m not much of an achiever. I only really went for exploration and quest deeds since those were ones that fit with what I enjoyed in the game. 🙂

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