Screenshot of the Day: On my mark, unleash hell

In MMOs, you can tell that a mob is female because it has big tits, even if it is an undead liche. Sadly this screenshot doesn’t really show off Lady Deathwhisper’s assets.

I’m not really standing around like a hatstand on the right there. I’m …. uh … waiting for some adds to spawn or something.

4 thoughts on “Screenshot of the Day: On my mark, unleash hell

  1. Or, you’re comparing. We all know it! Don’t give in. I know, the ads are all over, telling you to feel uncomfortable about yourself. You think I don’t get the same ads from the Scourge? “Would you like a bigger bone?” “Do you make your lover feel dead?” I know the ads are seductive and corrupting; making us feel like we’re hurting ourselves by not signing up.

    Undeath is NOT worth the ‘upgrade’. All you end up attracting are abominations and death knights. Seriously, is that who you want?

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