Screenshot of the Day: Bears with Rockets on their Butts

gunship Quick everyone, on to the gunship!

What could be better than a zeppelin flight? How about … a zeppelin with guns? And jet powered rocket packs?


Obviously you have to sign for the rockets first. Darn these goblins and their military bureaucracy, I guess we’re just lucky that there’s no charge. (I think the future of the Horde may be mired in paperwork.)

But this does leave one question in everyone’s mind. Us bipedal types can carry a rocket pack strapped to our backs. But what happens to the bears?



18 thoughts on “Screenshot of the Day: Bears with Rockets on their Butts

    • I think it will tell you all you ever need to know about player mentality that for every person who thinks ‘what an indignity, I’m never coming back’ there are probably at least two who think ‘yay! I can have a rocket attached to my butt!’

    • You hadda be there I guess but the sight of multiple bears hammering around was hi-larious!

      To the point of angry(ish) raid leaders shouting for everyone to stop jumping and get on with the fight.

  1. Brian has a point. Light-hearted fun is often necessary for some comic relief, but it can also become cheap and immersion breaking. I had this happen to Guild Wars and one of their writers going on a “reference to everything” spree for every side-quest line without providing any content of their own, which became a bit annoying.

    But you are right Spinks, the majority of a MMO community is always as dumb as is any major human crowd. Where shall this end when we are going to applaud bearbutt jokes? And if you don’t enjoy such jokes, the player in question gets called a sour grape and needs to lighten up? 🙂

  2. I highly suspect that the 2:1 “chucklesnort to headdesk” ratio is represented among the devs as well. If the people making the game didn’t think it was funny, it wouldn’t have made it in.

    That, to me, is the bigger headdesk moment.

    I don’t think this is terrible, and the nine year old in me laughed a little bit, but I’ve also outgrown Dumb and Dumber. *shrug*

    • A lot of devs have praised WoW for this over the years. Too many games take themselves too seriously, they argue.

      I suspect this is one reason why I like LotRO more than WoW these days. Not to say that everything LotRO does is pure magic, but at least it doesn’t encourage the fart jokes from the rest of the party/fellowship.

      • Agreed, and if I were choosing between the two, I’d likely side with LOTRO. I like more class in my games. I’m not antisilly, just antistupid.

  3. WoW isnt ‘serious’. There’s a lot of comic moments and many of them are to be found around Goblin science.

    Not a huge Bum and Fart joke fan myself but I still find this pretty funny. I’m not entirely sure I’d want to play an entirely serious MMO. I’d need a grain of pathos and humor in there somewhere. The entire Saurfang the younger plot line is dark and depressing enough (and rightly so) that a little humor in the mix elsewhere is entirely justified IMHO.

    • I susect half the entertainment came from even those not-normally bears using the form just to leap around. As we have a *lot* of druids in our raid…

      Says she, who just tried it in Boomkin and then complained that it shifted her back. Rocket powered laser chickens *should* have happened.

      I shall now go and mourn my missed opportunity.

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