The clash of server cultures

Oh, East is east and west is west and never the twain shall meet…

–Rudyard Kipling

One of the interesting pieces of fallout from the new cross-server dungeon tool in patch 3.3 in WoW is that players can now easily mix with people from different servers. And wouldn’t you know it, some of them do things very differently indeed.

In groups I’ve seen, we’re gradually moving towards to more multi-server-cultural understanding, but it isn’t always an easy journey.

So, do you need or greed on Frozen Orbs? (We’re moving towards everyone rolling need, but it is a server specific custom. On mine for example, we usually roll greed on all BoE drops. On other servers, it’s more normal to roll need. Once everyone stops accusing each other of being ninjas, I think we’ll shift to all rolling need.)

Do you say Hi when you join a group and Bye or Thanks when the instance is finished? (My server is polite and we usually expect this, if only to show that everyone is ready to start. Others seem to run silently. I think the trend is towards the Hi/Bye because it is a convenient way for people to show that they are awake and speak English. And whilst Gevlon would hate it, I suspect people are less likely to boot someone who seems friendly but is sub-par than someone who hasn’t said a word and underperforms.)

Do people on your server normally ask if it is OK for them to roll need on offspec gear before they do it? (They do on mine because we’re all so polite, but actually it drives me nuts to have to keep saying ‘yes, just roll need if you need it’. I know on other servers people assume that it’s fine to roll need on any upgrades, and I think that’s how we will trend. After all, with instances so easily available it isn’t the end of the world if you have to run a few to get ‘your’ drop.)

The server custom which boggled my mind the most was the death knight who swore to me that it was completely normal on his server for people to deliberately pull extra patrols from halfway across the room “just in case the tank hadn’t seen them.” I did my bit for cultural understanding by telling him that if he did that again while I was tanking, he’d be out and that he was lucky the healer wasn’t making him pay repair costs.

Have you seen any interesting server culture clashes in your 3.3 dungeon adventures?

12 thoughts on “The clash of server cultures

  1. I noticed that healers start to be the same bitches they were back in vanilla. They often are rude asholes who order the group to do things their way. Or maybe I was just lucky to have mostly nice healers on my realm.

    I do not tank HoR the first time. I know very well that I can LoS the mobs in the corner. You don’t have to *command* me to tank them there (and then stand in the open field yourself…).

    Why are healers rude to their tank before the first pull? Do they assume that makes the run smoother? I never do that when I’m on my healer, maybe I should try that…?

    And btw, no, a tank with 33k hp is very well able to tank HoR heroic…

  2. I got the first Icecrown dungeon as a random yesterday, and one of the first trash pulls puts up a Magic reflection shield *just* as I pop a Starfire Eclipse (+40% Crit chance), needless to say I didn’t notice until I crit myself twice for 12k and faceplanted myself.

    Cue mountains of abuse from the tank and a swift /leave from me.

    I’ve found some people are unwilling to accept mistakes can be made.

  3. This NEED / GREED / PASS thing just needs to be nuked. There might be different views regarding this on the very same server. I had some discussions lately, including one person who did not like my usual method, which is based on enlightened logic: ROLL / PASS. πŸ˜‰

    • The original game only gave you the option to roll or pass.

      When an item dropped, everyone in the group would write the letter “n” (need) or “s” (sell) in chat (the actual letters were different between different realms).

      As soon as someone wrote and “n” everyone without need passed. If no one had need, everyone rolled.

      Something like that?

  4. My main is a healer and I don’t believe that I have ever been rude to anyone. I certainly don’t tell tanks how to do their job but if things don’t go smoothly I might offer some suggestions especially if healing is bcoming a real nightmare. I also don’t tell tanks how much HP they need, as a Disc Priest I am armed with lots of mitigation CDs and when I see a tank with a “lower” health pool I am just expecting to do more healing, I am still not anticipating we will fail. People need to chill out and go for things. We can’t all whizz through every instance in 20mins so you can get all your badges. (I slso tend to find a high correlation between whiners and those with low DPS scores)…

  5. Yeah no server culture clashes just a bit of bitterness for the new rolling system…

    Took my newly 80 boomkin through normal Forge of Souls. Cloth boots drop with spellpower, haste, hit or crit. Maasive upgrade ilvl 219 versus my current 148 (I know I know, for shame). I cannot roll need since they are below my top armor class, so I choose greed and lose the roll to one of the other 4 party members who chose disenchant option >POOF< no more boots, no chance to buy or trade.

    Never had a chance to even type upgrade in party chat before the flying fingers came out for disenchant. But it's ok we all know boomkins never wear cloth πŸ˜‰


    Skarlarth and Company

    • *Boomkin hug*
      I managed to ninja a pair of cloth bracers (Worn Molars, ilvl 232)
      You have to balance the rolling buttons now though, do we have a Need/Offspec/Greed/Disenchant buttons? Is that too complicated for new people?

  6. I’ve found vastly different playstyles. I don’t know what my server culture is; Kirin Tor was a brand new server when I played, and I quit soon after it opened up for transfers from elsewhere.

    I say hi/bye/thanks, talk in plain English during the instance, and roll need on things I need. I also abstain from rolling need on a second blue if I’ve already won a blue on a need roll.

    Most of my groups have been really good. Most don’t talk much. I liked getting a newsletter from Azeroth Advisor about Uldaman and SM Cathedral before encountering those on my rogue. I’d done both instances just once only my first time through.

    Soon will come Sunken Temple and Maraudon and I have no idea how those difficult and lengthy instances are going to go. I imagine they will split Maraudon into two parts. And then there’s Zul… Furrak, the one near Gadgetzan? That should be dun.

  7. Maybe its a different culture, maybe just dumbassery…
    I’m used to the legendary “it’s a hunteritem”. But the new dungeon tool gave me a retri, who thought, “it’s a palaitem”.
    First drop: def trousers… need (!?, ok. maybe offspec-tank)
    Sec. drop: 1h dd-weapon… need (hum!?… frost-dk not amused!)
    third drop: caster plate… need (ah, now I get it! Third spec)

    But it seems there are more alpha-dd’s on other servers than they are on mine. Pulling, marking, running, behaving like a stinger: stick on target until death…

    But one thing is common to all: Occulus is “Oh Shit!.

  8. Yeah, that’s why you can’t roll need on a cloth item if you are a druid, because some jerks out there are just going to click need on everything they can roll need on, either out of greed or stupidity.

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