So what did you get in the sales?

I was strong. For almost all the way through the Steam and GoG Christmas sales, I eyed the bargains on offer and resisted the urge to buy. But on the last day I succumbed to Defense Grid: The Awakening (it’s a tower defense game, I’ll write more when I’ve had more time to play) — for the knock down price of £1.25.  I’m looking forwards to spending more time with the game, my first impressions were great.

Anyone else pick up any bargains in the sales? How low does a price have to be, or how good does a sale have to get to draw your attention to a game you might otherwise have ignored?


14 thoughts on “So what did you get in the sales?

  1. I didn’t buy anything aside from Batman: AA for a friend when it went on D2D for 50% off.

    I already have too large a backlog, and until that’s clear I have a hard time justifying the spending.

  2. Well, in my case they reduced the price for King’s Bounty: Armored Princess *after* I bought it even more, so much about that. But I would have bought it anyways, it is like Heroes of Might and Magic with less grand strategy (no city building/campaign strategy), equal or more tactics in the battles, and much more RPG.

    I only watched Steam and Impulse sales, forgot about GoG, what a mistake. For this price I would have bought Defense Grid probably, too.

    So what did I buy? To put it bluntly, nothing.
    King’s Bounty was not cheap and doesn’t count, I just missed that it got released already one month earlier.
    P.S.: Finally started playing Dragon Age.

      • I think the better offer is the bundle with King’s Bounty, as it is not a standalone-addon. I just started playing Armored Princess, it is basically the same, a bit harder and aimed at veteran players. The princess is a bit more on the naughty side, I do not remember her being such a Lolita as I saved her in King’s Bounty with my prototypical fair-haired Paladin on a white horse. The graphics style is a mix of the Heroes of Might and Magic series and beefed up WoW graphics. Princess Amelie will even have a flying mount, her pet dragon is a mix of a Frostwyrm meets Pokemon.

        I will post you some screenshots, but you can get a demo and some more info there:

        You can also get a demo at Gamespot. Is it any good? I absolutely adore this game, I like it even more than the Heroes of Might and Magic series, it is much more story driven and truly takes you on an epic journey.

        The game runs in full screen by default, which always ticked me off, but with a simple change of 0 to 1 in an ini file, you can run it windowed, too. It did so without problems on my old Radeon and also with my newer Nvidia graphics card, so I wonder why Katauri did not add the option by default.

  3. I bought TONS on Steam, spent about $70 through the entire holiday. But, that’s because I have no backlog, and I was intentionally building one up. Torchlight ($5), Civ4 complete ($13), indigo prophecy ($3), Mass Effect ($5)…I love being behind the times.

    By the time I play through all these games, the current generation stuff will be this cheap on Steam.

  4. I picked up Torchlight for $10 before it dropped to $5 (doh!), the LucasArts Adventure Game Pack for $2.50 or so, Mirror’s Edge for $5, Cogs for $5, and some gift games for friends and family.

    To date, I’ve spent the most PC time with Torchlight and The Dig. Totally different games, loads of fun in each. Of course, I’ve spent the most time playing Kingdom Hearts 358/2 and Disgaea on the DS. Portable gaming wins in my book.

    I picked up Defense Grid a while back on a weekend sale, and would recommend it to Tower Defense fans. It’s not really going to make any new TD fans, methinketh, but it’s great if you like the genre.

  5. I got the THQ Pack back at the end of November, played a lot of Saints Row 2 and Red Faction: Guerilla over Christmas, and there’s still at least Dawn of War II, Titan Quest and the latest Company of Heroes expansion amongst the rest of it, so I think that slightly inoculated me against the worst of Steam sale fever… Though I did succumb to the iD pack. Commander Keen, woo!

  6. Finally picked up Portal on Steam for $5. I knew it was going to be great, but all the talk of it being a short game put me off spending $20. $5 was an absolute bargain. It is short: I beat the initial game in one sitting and finished the Advanced courses today.

    I also bought Freespace 2 on GoG. I still own the original discs from release, but they got scratched when I moved and they wouldn’t install anymore. $3.89 was an amazing deal on an amazing game.

  7. I’ve had no internet since last Monday so I have been unable to look at the sales on my home PC. I have to do all my browsing at work but obviously have not been in WoW or any online game in over a week. I’ve had to change ISP over it because my current ISP just can’t be bothered to find out what is wrong other than telling me I need to type in my DSL username and password again..and again… got to wait till next Monday before new ISP hooks me leaving me in Internet limbo.

  8. I’ve bought euh, way too much.
    -Left 4 dead 2
    -Mirrors Edge
    -Telltale adventure pack containing all their stuff
    -Eidos package containing the new batman game, tomb raider games, hitman games, deus ex,…
    -The Witcher
    -Ben there, dan that double pack

    -The longest Journey


    Enough games to last me a whole year

  9. I just tried to buy EVE via Steam and the damn thing will simply not load. Have no idea what I’ve done. Am tempted to junk my £15 and just buy a CD copy of the game instead.

    I get an EVE picture which persists for about 10 seconds, then nothing. Perhaps I’ve not linked my account properly?

    Bah. Unless I get a decent response from the tech support team that’s the last time I will use my new Steam account…

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