The Warcraft Alt Dilemma: Alts yesterday, alts tomorrow, but never alts today

Anyone else been intrigued to try the dungeon finder for lower level alts?

I haven’t had much time to play around with lower level instances myself but the few experiences I’ve had have been pretty positive.

I ran an old level 15 draenei  mage created at the beginning of TBC through Ragefire Chasm (previously rather inaccessible to alliance) – it was chaotic but polite and the group were vaguely respectful of the paladin tank who said at the start that it was his/her first time. I did notice immediately that my mage felt very useful. Whenever the pull got out of control, which happened a lot, I could drop a frost nova and run back to give the tank time to grab the mobs. I’m quite sure it was more fun than spamming AE-of-choice in level 80 heroics.

So the thought of levelling a new alt and making generous use of the dungeon finder at the same time is very alluring. There is a problem with this picture. The Cataclysm in the room. In only a few months time, there will be a host of new class/ race options in the game, and a whole new levelling experience to try out. Is there really much point levelling an alt right now just to mess around with the dungeon finder when that goblin rogue, worgen warrior, tauren paladin, dwarf shaman, troll druid and so on are just around the corner?

Plus there is the issue of limited character slots on servers.

This means I’m going to get my low level dungeoneering fix from existing alts, of which I have abandoned many along my current path to greatness. Looking through the list, I was reminded again of my old priest. The first character I ever raided on, her incarnation ended after a messy guild break-up at the beginning of TBC. After which I took a long break from WoW. I seem to also remember that this was an era where paladin healers were crazy overpowered and no one else could keep up with them, which broke my will to play at the time.

Anyway, that’s all in the past. I was curious to check out the Alliance Wrath questlines and the dungeon finder turns out to be just the motivation I need to bring my sole alliance level 70 out of dustballs.  Fortunately, she just about had enough cash on her still to cash in on dual specs.

One thing I realised immediately in instance runs. Lower level healers have very limited mana pools and mana regen compared to my comfortably overgeared resto druid. And you know what? I’m enjoying the challenge immensely. The lower level instances are everything that the zergfest 80 heroics are not.

So far I’ve somehow gotten my way through Utgarde Keep (which was actually really tough to heal, or maybe that was just the tank) and Nexus (which was much more manageable). Shadow is much improved since I last tried it, and priests still feel to me like the Rolls Royce of WoW healers to actually play. (ie. smooth, well engineered, runs like a dream once you get it onto the road.)

I’m quite sure that it is the challenge of the lower level instances on a non-overgeared toon which is making them interesting to me at the moment. It will be interesting to see how long that lasts. Also, thumbs up to the Howling Fjord quests for Alliance, they’ve been good fun so far.

Blast from the Past


Speaking of my old priestess, I dug out this ancient screenshot.

I’m sure any old hands won’t have any trouble identifying where she is, what she’s doing, and … maybe even what robe and staff she is using. They were iconic in their day.

You can even see that I have friendly nameplates turned on to help with healing since I wasn’t in a group or raid at the time. Ah, those were the days.

12 thoughts on “The Warcraft Alt Dilemma: Alts yesterday, alts tomorrow, but never alts today

  1. no school like the old school eh?
    I was tempted to level one last alt for the road before the game completely changes, but considering I’ve done it countless times before there really is no point for me 🙂
    I’m definitely waiting for cataclysm to come out before powering up a Goblin something (I’m thinking Fuwy wowiah!)

  2. I suggest you do the Mirk… erm Duskwood quests one day or another, ideally with a Human Paladin.

    The storyline always breaks my heart. In a way he was the first Death Knight: (link to the “Story of Morgan Ladimore”, don’t read if you hate spoilers)

    (Imagine the possibilities of the new faction change option – Spinks could be redeemed and join Humanity and the Church of Light again! This would make her more of a lady, and she will be known as Mrs. Ladymore after her redemption. SCNR! 😉 )

    The next paragraphs will be full of non sequiturs… I apologize:
    – I think the Horde should start in Borean Tundra, while the Alliance has a much better starting position and Quests in the Howling Fjord.
    – I do not like Heirloom items. Levelling is EASY enough as it is, and taking away the least bit of challenge just for the sake of even faster levelling makes me sad. Just give alts of high level players another option to level faster or allow them to start high level like DKs.
    – The “OLD” Dungeons with non-overgeared groups are sometimes more fun than the new ones. There. I said it. They are often too long for Joe Casual, Wailing Caverns, Maraudon, Dire Maul etc., they just take time. But there is still a need for CC and just being careful there.
    – I think Cataclysm is THE chance for players to realize that levelling was and still is the BEST part of World of Warcraft, not dungeons designed to be cleared by the bottom of the WoW players.

    I still see no point in levelling an alt right now – if you already have one-two, you will already have levelled those classes and have less choice for your next toon in Cataclysm, which will to 99% not be a Tauren Paladin or Dwarf Shaman but a Worgen or Goblin class of your choice.

    Worgen DPS Death Knight as tank could become synonymous with some of the worst things that can happen to a group in WoW. 😉

    • Ah, Duskwood was probably my favorite low-level zone of all time, though the ‘run to SW-Lakeshire-Duskwood-Westfall-Duskwood’ quests were a bit annoying when you couldn’t get a mount until 40!

  3. My fiancee tried out the dungeon finder for her BC quests on her hunter, but never got any hits. Our server is pretty populated too. Guess people really hate BC that much. She made it to 68 quickly though and went to Northrend, so all is well. I just find it funny that there’s still a gap for the BC instances.

  4. It’s the end of the Ony quest chain in the picture.
    I never had a lv 60 Priest, but I presume the staff is the Anathema?
    Did you ever resist the temptation to join in that fight, or did you risk death by attacking one of the elites? I always attacked them! Where’s the fun in watching Fordragon kill them all and not try to help him?

  5. I think your position isn’t really a dilemma in the full meaning of the word. Just do what you enjoy. If you have fun levelling an alt now that time is not wasted if new classes and “levelling experience” are coming in a few months.

    If you hate playing your alts now, just don’t do it. Not everything needs to be about efficiency.

  6. I’m in almost the opposite situation. I’m frantically trying to level my alts *before* Cataclysm hits and (a) changes the old world entirely and (b) makes Northrend a desolate pointless wasteland. I’d like to go into Catactlysm with at least one more 80.

  7. I started my alt up today, well an older alt (L65) who I’d had for a while on the shelf. Had to choose though, which of the many shelved toons would I invest time into? I considered levelling from 1, but it’d be a shame to do it now when I’d just want to do it again in Cataclysm. That was a factor.

  8. “I never had a lv 60 Priest, but I presume the staff is the Anathema?”

    Yes, that’s Benediction/Anathema ;).

    I remember farming in wintergrasp for that stupid eye of shadow thing for our priests…

  9. I remember only seeing that one time while leveling for the first time I was trying to turn a quest in and saw a huge dragon. I had no clue what it was about. I was in my thirty’s and ran like a little girl when they started fighting, my brother started fighting and took one shot to the face and died. Good times.

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