Looking for good browser / facebook/ twitter games

I’d like to write some more about good social type web based games. But I have a problem. Well, the first problem is that I am distracted by the delightfully gothic Echo Bazaar at the moment, but I mean the second problem. There are zillions of games out there which fall into this category and I’ve only had a chance to try very few of them myself.

So feel free to either email me, or reply in the comments here with links to any games of this type that you particularly like, with a few words about why that game appeals. I’ll gather all the comments and links together, with attributions, and combine them into a post sometime next week.

So cheer for your favourite game here! Do you like sports sims like hattrick? Stock market simulations? Farming games? What is it that you would like to recommend?

3 thoughts on “Looking for good browser / facebook/ twitter games

  1. Your request is theoretically impossible. Browser-facebook-twitter games are free, so you can’t charge for content. So you must charge for advertisements (explicit or hidden). So you need large playerbase. That means piss-easy games like Farmwille. That means terribly boring click-games.

  2. I have a handful that I’d be happy to recommend from personal experience. So will go with those as a baseline, I just know that there are bound to be more out there too.

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