It came from the PUG: Move it, slackers!

As part of the tank sampling project, I’ve spent a bit of time on levelling a paladin alt. I ran a couple of Scarlet Monastery instances, courtesy of the random group finder, while retribution specced. Now, low level retribution is fairly hands off. You put up some buffs, judge from time to time, and throw in the occasional Exorcism and stun if you are feeling frisky.

But what struck me about these two runs was that I was playing pretty much similarly in both but had two very different reactions. In the first, the paladin healer berated me continuously for slacking and said she could have pulled more dps in her healing gear. In the second, the whole group was practically worshipping at my feet because of my insane damage.

oppally(Paladin with Bladestorm!)

So what changed? Well, this one is pretty obvious. As part of the first run, I got a really nice weapon upgrade. In fact, if you believe that the purpose of a retribution paladin is to annoy tanks, it may be the best weapon in the entire game, because it randomly procs a bladestorm, as per the screenshot.

Which begs the question: Why did the player in the first group accuse me of slacking? Answer: Because there are some things you just can’t tell from a damage meter.

But still, it’s quite insulting to be accused of slacking when you weren’t. Maybe I was slacking because I didn’t get an heirloom weapon for my alt? But if I had, I never would have gotten to the awesomeness that is the Ravager.

What if you were slacking?

Another slacker moment was had while running my daily for frost badges on my warlock alt. In this case, it was another paladin making the accusations (not sure if they’re more likely to be uppity or if I’ve just been unlucky with paladins this week).

So imagine that the tank is using some dps gear and pulling about 4k dps, and then starts accusing the damage dealers in the group of slacking because she’s top of the damage meter. But all the dps in the group were over 3k, even my alt who forgot to train up chaos bolt past level 1.

Well Ms Uppity Palatank, some of us are mere Saronite Slaves and if you expect us to turn up with full raid consumables and a progression mindset on your random 5 man heroic, then you are doomed to a life filled with disappointment.

Or rather, I might be a slacker but I’ll pull my socks up when it comes to raiding with my mates tomorrow, you however will always be a twat.

17 thoughts on “It came from the PUG: Move it, slackers!

  1. The days of humble Paladin dignity when they had to turn their ears deaf when someone posted recount damage stats are apparently over. 😛

    With so many people playing Paladins, and the majority of people always being idiots, don’t wonder that the guys who freak out are mostly Paladins by now.

    Apparently Paladins nowadays behave like the Crusaders of yore, there is not much left of the noble intentions? 🙂

  2. After we’ve annoyed the holy crap out of paladins for 5 years it’s no wonder they start to snap back. 🙂

    I need BoJustTheOneIDidntGot!!!!!1111

  3. One mans slack is another mans uber damage.

    Last night just to get my badges I trolled through taking it easy…in my mana conserv healing gear[yes I have a different set for 5 mans], another healer in offspec tanking and 2 main spec raider DPS just smooshing things. Taking it easy for them but it was still sub 15 minutes for the run. The poor little PuGer 800dps type along for the ride was running to keep up. No one was rude to him and heck he needed the gear.

    The next run was my Dk and I was trying my damdest and yet it was still a slow run with low DPS allround…I was top the charts and giving it my all. But it still looked weak compared to my first run 😉 (and yeah all his badges are saronite. I call it pay back for all those BoA’s!)

    • Exactly, a slacker can choose to pull their finger out and stop slacking when it’s needed! I like slackers, you can bribe them into better performance 😉

  4. Had a healer, of all peoples, bitchin’ about low dps in PoS, of all places. Guess he wanted us to be as stupids as him and just keep bangin’ through the frost / poison / bombs / brands.

  5. The paladin probably didn’t actually think you were slacking, he just wanted to point out how great he was. I just ignore such people, or give them sarcastic praise (which they often don’t catch) which can shut them up. At times I get nostalgic for the days when most of us (paladins) were people who had no expectation of even being respected but stuck with it because we just loved being a paladin.

  6. I agree with Isa, by saying you suck/slacked he was putting you down to lift himself up. It’s a common human behavior. I always ignore the idiots and jerks, they just want attention because their momma considered breast-feeding bad for her sex life, so they were never close and now they seek attention usually in aggressive ways. Next time you run into that just ask if he would like his ba-ba or pacifier now or after the run.

  7. I always love when a tank tops the dps meter and calls the dps slackers. If you’re talking trash pulls, the tank should be rocking out more dps because they’re doing hefty aoe damage to keep aggro. Let them look at what happens on a single target boss fight. Some people are born d-bags.

    • The first comment on WoWHead re:Ravager plays right into this conversation.

      “Lord, oh, Lord I hate this axe…

      If you are solo’ing feel free to use it, but please do NOT use it in instances!

      1) The damn proc will break any crowd control near you….

      2) Don’t use this thing unless you have a really good tank or a lot of armor. … I just ran ZF with a paladin who used this and I wanted to kill her because when the thing proc’d then she couldn’t heal herself and when everything started pounding on her and her life dropped like a rock I had to burn all my mana keeping her alive.

      Truly, please don’t use this in instances. =)”

      • Hee. Don’t worry, I have never actually ripped threat off a tank with it. You can turn off the bladestorm proc instantly by switching auras, which is not on the GCD.

        It does break CC, but I havent’ seen anyone using that yet.

  8. Another thing about Paladin DPS is that raid buffs can vary so much from group to group, everything else being equal, and you can gain or lose 30% of yor DPS just because of that. I have never

    I usually top the DPS meters in my LFG PuGs, If there’s a well geared tank, he/she may have better damage for the occasional fight, but that’s kinda rare, and that’s with me waiting for a solid 5 seconds to let the tank get aggro.

    I occasionally catch crap for it (“why you standing there?”), but I’m sick to death of “being taught a lesson” by some healers when I get aggro or take damage. (Sorry, but as a Retpal, standing toe-to-toe is required, and I will occasionally get a little aggro and take *some* damage. It doesn’t mean I’m not paying attention, it probably means the tank changed targets)

    I guess playing a Retpal has one advantage: I never see another one in my random PuGs. I get the occasional Tankadin, almost never get a Healadin, but I’ve NEVER had another Ret.

    I guess that’s a good thing lol.

    • The reason why you don’t see any other ret pallies is because the system excludes other ret pallies from your groups unless you queue with another.

  9. Why are people so worried about what dps/rotation/gear choice everyone else has in a random pug? Unless they are terrible players I really am not interested.

    These days the game is so easy, and yet every action is criticised, insults fly at the drop of a hat, and this game (yes a game, something we do to enjoy ourselves) is full of whiny people bitching at others for not doing things exactly the way they think they should.
    No one needs to be using Recount in a heroic, ffs.

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