Epic Loot Rants

Who knew that benching players could lead to such bursts of undistilled brilliance? One of the hunters in our raid captured his recent loot frustration into a couple of epic video clips. The mood will be familiar to anyone who has ever raided, ever.

And he’s kindly allowed me to link them here. (Warning: Minor swearing, lots of Nazis.) If you like them and are on EU servers, feel free to hop onto Argent Dawn to give some feedback.

Grokhaar’s Epic Loot Rant about ranged weapons

Grokhaar Rants Again

Of course, all this creative activity does have a downside. Maybe if we bench him some more, he’ll make more videos ….

7 thoughts on “Epic Loot Rants

  1. So yeah, these are my videos – I’m also the main hero ;p

    I’d like to express my gratitude for the enormous ammounts of positive feedback I got after making these silly rant vids – it’s always inspiring to see someone actualy praising your work ;D

    So yeah, thanks guys – you all rock ❤

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