I love the Ashen Verdict really


Captain Arnath really is the whiniest Argent Crusader, you’d think he’d be happy to help one of our top apothecaries support the war effort but no … whine whine whine …

I guess someone in Blizzard HQ didn’t like him much either. I can only applaud the weekly sacrificial blood elf.

9 thoughts on “I love the Ashen Verdict really

      • I think I soloed it on Fuubaar once for an achievement but I didn’t really pay much attention to the NPCs.

        Finkle Einhorn were the last names of the Football player who had a sex change that was after Dan Marino during the movie. Everyone, including Ace, had sex with her. Ace was trying to figure out the connection between the two people.

        Anyways, that’s what I thought you were refering to. Now that I’m embarassed to have actually admitted to seeing said movie & remembering it from that long ago, I shall go hide in a hole.

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