Thought of the Day: Sometimes we just want to be noticed

One of the side-effects of a general election campaign here is that we get much more mail than usual because of political leafletting. The contents of the leaflets are irrelevant, other than any identifiers on the front and the name of the person to whom it is addressed. This is because most people throw them straight into the bin without reading.

So why do parties keep destroying trees to send us bumph that no one reads? It’s because while people grouch about receiving the junk mail, they REALLY complain if they feel left out. Once an undecided voter thinks, “Huh, I guess they don’t want my vote”, it’s an uphill struggle to change their mind. Believe me, I notice which parties have not deigned to send us any leaflets. And I really notice when a leaflet is addressed to my husband and not to me.

And you’ll see this in games also. People will eye up a new MMO and complain like crazy if some feature is not present, even if they wouldn’t use it even if it was. (Crafting is a great example of this – loads of people who don’t even like crafting will complain if a game does not contain it.)


7 thoughts on “Thought of the Day: Sometimes we just want to be noticed

  1. Haha. That’s a really good point. Although in my case my boyfriend is the one complaining when he isn’t getting leaflets.

    The amount of bumpf I’m getting through from one party is HUGE because I’m getting local and national leaflets for them. The other parties – 1 conservative pamphlet and that is it. Kind of pathetic.

    As for games, I only play one MMO at present so the one time I loaded up WAR and saw the in-game guild recruitment window and a few other features, I wondered why the hell weren’t they in WoW. I still do.

    • I have never understood why WoW doesn’t have some kind of in-game guild recruitment. I first saw a UI feature to do that in EQ2 and I was very impressed by it.

      You’d think that for a game that is as guild dependent, they’d put something in to help new players find suitable guilds.

  2. Strange. Hungary just had election campaign and I have absolutely no idea which parties dropped in flyers.

    Nor I remember who called us on the phone. One of them did and I told them to piss off but I can’t tell which one. I doubt if I let the poor guy introduce himself, as soon as it became clear that he is selling something I told him to go away.

  3. I’m in a fantastically unique situation. I live in the USA but exist here as a Canadian citizen. I therefore have no right to vote in one country and little ability to do so in the other.

    When I receive a call from a party representative in the US, time allowing, I’ll listen through his spiel and respond only when he’s absolutely complete. At that point I reveal that his Great Work was all for naught as I can’t even vote.

    In one rare instance, political association withheld, this individual became rather upset over my ruse and angrily asked me why I let him continue and ‘waste his time speaking to a freeloader that just lives off his government’s charity’. I suppose he forgot that permanent residents pay taxes as well…though we can’t influence where that tax money is spent.

    There was a minor conflict some years ago, a quaint little colonial dispute. One of the more robust quotes outlining the purpose for revolution was ‘taxation without representation is tyranny’.


    • Yeah, it does put you in a strange situation. No party has any interest in winning your vote in the country where you live, because you don’t have one. And at election time, they can probably win more votes by being downright nasty about immigrants.

      Having said that, I use the delaying tactic on canvassers from parties I don’t agree with. Keep them on the doorstep chatting for awhile. The more time they waste on me, the less time they can spend on people who might actually vote for them. I don’t actually invite them in and offer them tea, which is what people were reputed to do to deliberately slow down canvassing back when I was doing it myself though 🙂

      • That’s a creative tactic 🙂

        In the end I hope, and it truly is as desperate as it sounds, but I do hope that each of these candidates I so commonly berrate during the local political ‘season’ has properity for their people in mind in all their endeavors. Even for we perpetually quiet resident aliens. There are perks, don’t ye doubt. For instance, I can up and move back home in the event of a draft, even though I was required to sign up for selective service on my 18th birthday. For me, selective becomes elective. That may come in handy should American foreign policy create more issues abroad…but I digress. That is a far less interesting topic for another day.

        Thankfully, my unique position allows me to never claim a favourite and always play the devil’s advocate for my more traditional acquiantances. I secretly despise one side, or admire the political subterfuge of the other, but I fear this nation’s love for a specific religion bogs down the process of prosperity.

        That too is a far deeper discussion for somewhen else. 🙂

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