14 thoughts on “Separated at birth?

  1. What’s with the crotch area of the blue one? Why would someone design that? Seriously…if kids aren’t fleeing in fear of them, they’re going to be pointing and laughing at blue’s crotch.

    *I’m* pointing and laughing at blue’s crotch.

  2. I… what?
    They sure as damn look just as street smart as any publishing company creating mascots for the Olympics, can make em!
    Just look at the bare wall behind em, gaffittiiii!!

  3. I never get why they do mascots. Do kids actually care about the olympics? If I’m six years old watching bobsledding would put me to sleep.

  4. I’ve been joking about this because the costumes aren’t very good but the original drawings are quite sweet. And I LOVE that they hired a well known children’s author to help write a backstory for them — I just think that’s darned cool compared to some of the olympic mascots we’ve seen in the past.

    “In an animated film that will form part of a series, (Michael) Morpurgo has grandfather George picking up the two drops of steel on his last day at the Bolton foundry before retirement. Back at home he fashions the steel into figures which he then gives to his grandchildren. Animated by a rainbow they turn somersaults for the children before disappearing off on the road to London.”

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