How much do we really want a class to change between expansions?

So Blizzard have started to dribble out some more talent tree information for druids, rogues, priests and shamans. But I don’t really feel curious to know more about warriors. I’m fine if they don’t change much, because I like mine the way she plays right now. All I really want is for Blizzard to design encounters that play to my class strengths 🙂

And this is the real sticking point with class redesigns. If a gameplay feature is changed too much, then people who like it right now might find that they can’t get to grips with their favourite class any more in future. I think the ones which look set to change the most in Warcraft are Holy Paladins, and Death Knights in general (just because some spec/role combinations are disappearing).

Have you ever played a class which stopped being fun after a redesign?

17 thoughts on “How much do we really want a class to change between expansions?

  1. Hm… no. I felt a bit fallen from grace after the 3.x pre-WOTLK WoW patches when my Warlock chased a blood elf paladin into the sea near Darnassus. Only to see her turn and trounce me.

    But I never experienced a SWG style “NGE” for any class I ever played.

    STO is pretty close to something NGE like atm. But not enough people play it to notice it that much apparently, and it is mostly related to PvP. Escort players now no longer stomp Cruisers, but the “Tanks” now swat the “DPS”.

  2. I’m really, really disappointed with the talent previews. Unlike yourself I was really hoping for a total shake-up, so that there’d be new and interesting quirks to find in each class rather than the same thing just with more damage/threat/healing/absorption. I’m pretty sure Blizz were talking about the talents being different to what there are now, and a how they’ll be more fun. Instead, my Shammy resto spec looks pretty much EXACTLY the same as it does now. So much for talent revamp.

    • I think I was also trying to set my expectations 🙂 I don’t think my class is going to get a shake up. But then I was thinking — I like it the way it is now so I probably shouldn’t be feeling left out because of that.

  3. Hmm I have only stopped playing a class after it has been badly nerfed aka the Rogue class, now I dont mind a nerf every so often but all through TBC and even wrath to an extent it seemed we were getting a whack off the nerf paddle every week. The fact they are free to tweak % dmg but refused to fix a bread and butter move like vanish says it all.

    Anyway having looked at the assassination tree I’m pretty happy with the overall changes and direction Rogues are heading, i.e. easier to level and have a bit of utility in both pvp and pve. So yeah Im happy….until the nerfs come around.

  4. I cancelled WoW and played other games for almost a year after they nerfed Druids early in TBC. They made a real mess of the transition away from Warriors as the single main tanking class, I know of Warriors who cancelled when they started TBC, then me and quite a few other Druids cancelled when they announced details of the first patch, then they hotfixed the Druids back to something close to parity hours after the patch went live. A radical balancing hotfix hours after a patch is a sign of something wrong. I had gone by then however.

  5. Incidentally I love today’s Possibly Related Post: Alan C Greenberg – The Bear market.

    I like the idea that the New York Times believes that feral druids are being traded on Wall Street.

  6. I’ve certainly had a character changed out from under me so far as to make me drop it. (My old Hunter-main lanquishes at 73rd).

    I’ve also seen my wifes healadin be nerf batted so as to be unplayable in endgame (she re-rolled Druid although her Pala is now viable and geared for ICC as tank/healer the nerf pendulum having swung).

    Havent looked at the Resto Shammie changes yet but going by what Dril says I’ll be happy to keep things as is more or less. As I’m planning on ‘two mains’ in Cata the less radical play style changes the better really.

    • I can’t feel much sympathy for healadins because I remember how far they outpaced my priest at the beginning of TBC. That was really miserable and I did eventually take a long break — but it wasn’t because MY class had changed. The game had, and other classes had been changed around me.

      • I think thats the key isnt it? We can all live with a few changes its when a class either gets nerfed ‘to the ground’ or simply everyone else gets buffed past you and it can be a game breaker. And that sucks and people simply stop playing.

  7. When they first created moonkin, it was an excellent day for Druids. I specced balance for the first time for TBC and loved it.

    Then WOTLK came out and they broke us. What cata is bringing is a complete gutting of the core balance talent (Eclipse) and making it so that procing eclipse and having to move won’t half your DPS (the main gripe).

    I’m looking forward to cata as moonkins are getting some much needed love.

  8. Leaving WoW for a moment… When I started playing EQ in 1999, I created two characters, a bard and a monk. The monk won. I loved the design. I had a weight limit, I’d never get rich on loots, but I also wasn’t reliant on them like other classes. A monk was 80% or more effective naked, and his bare fists were some of the best weapons in the game by the time he hit the level cap. As the game progressed and expanded, rather than alter the monk class itself to keep it in line with the item mudflation other classes were getting, they decided instead to make monks just as equipment dependent as everyone else. I still played my monk for years, right until I finally cancelled my account, but there was a loss of pride, of fun, after the change.

  9. Yeah. I played a hunter in TBC and when I tried it in Wrath I didn’t like at all what they had done with the class.

    On the other hand I didn’t like how holy paladins is pretty much the same boring healbotting that they were in TBC.

  10. I’ll be able to better answer your question after Cataclysm releases. I have this nagging feeling that I am going to hate the change from mana to focus for Hunters. I hope I’m wrong…

    …or that FFXIV releases first and I don’t have to worry about it. 😀

  11. I remember when Shamans became dual wielders.

    Which, along with some other changes, managed to completely cripple them in PvP, where I was having most of my fun with WF crits off my arcanite reaper. After that, I stopped playing him for years.

  12. Me raiding toon in TBC was me shadow priest. In wrath, though, the class were pretty much gutted and rebuilt as sumthin all new. Mana battery were out, see-through mage with no sheepings were in. Weren’t a nerf, reallies, since dps got a big boost, but I totally lost interest in playing him. Instead I done power-leveled a pally in the weeks before the expansion, and she went ta Naxx. The spriest eventually made it ta 80, but he never raided again.

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