You don’t have to be crazy to lead raids; but it helps

Everyone knows that leading raids is hard work. You have to work harder than the rest of the group, and the only reward you get is feeling  more involved and raids happen on your schedule.

And yet.

And yet for a lot of players, raid leading is the true metagame of their MMO. For people who enjoy the extra difficulty, the extra complexity, the feeling of reward for truly understanding how everything fits together, and maybe even the *naches of guiding a newbie raider into a pro, there is no better way.

A lot of raid leaders in WoW ended up there because they were progression minded and felt that the best way to ensure good progression was to arrange it themselves.

But there are plenty of players who choose to lead raids because they love it. DPS Meter writes a heartfelt letter to 25 man raid leaders, and its something that every raider needs to read. Especially if you’re burned out on raiding, or maybe forgot why you liked it in the first place.

One of the definining moments in my WoW raiding came in Vanilla. We were a very new 40 man raid. We’d zoned into Molten Core for the first time and somehow managed to kill Lucifron (the first boss.) And our raid leader said, “Guys, right now you are at a Hogger level of raiding. By the time we get to Ragnaros, you WILL be a proper raid guild.” A month or so later, at our first Onyxia kill, I knew he was right. That’s what raid leading is all about.

*I’m due a proper post about this as one of the big motivating factors in gaming.


2 thoughts on “You don’t have to be crazy to lead raids; but it helps

  1. I certainly think giving the appearance of being crazy or somehow over the top helps a lot.

    A lot of raid leaders are simply very good players. So you get the whole Everything Is Delegated Up phenomenon where your leader and best player gets mired down with minutia like healing assignments and whispers of “where should I stand?”

    If the raid leader is a bit manic people bother him or her with dumb questions less and figure stuff out for themselves.

    Plus part of raiding is wiping until you’re too bored to continue and having an entertaining raid leader talking about how he believes his hamster would make a great religious martyr distracts you from stressing over the repair bill you’re running up.

  2. Thanks for the heads up, I really hope it’ll inspire some people to carry on with their duties.

    As for being crazy, I think it’s almost mandatory! q:

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