[Old Azeroth] Memories of the old times

black lotus

Now this is what a rare gathering spawn used to look like. Only four of these babies ever spawned at a time, they had a wide variety of spawn locations which were spread over a variety of high level zones.

And you couldn’t make flasks without them.


10 thoughts on “[Old Azeroth] Memories of the old times

    • Worse now, I think. Flasks were more exciting when they were something you only made for your tanks for emergencies. I remember we all flasked up for our first attempts on C’thun and it was a huge, major deal.

      Now, everyone uses flasks all the time in raids. They might as well just bake them into our characters and have done with the hassle.

      But there are so many more hardcore players now, is the thing. You just know that some nutters would insist on flasking all the time, because they were just that hardcore. Making something scarce just doesn’t work as a way to restrict supply these days.

      • And things like that only increase the difference between the top guild and the other guilds. There just weren’t enough lotus for everyone.

        I think flasks are stupid at the moment as they you always have to take one and their effect is minimal (Frost Wyrm is like 2% more SP raid buffed for my lock.)

        Flasks should be scarce, be equal for everyone. I would like to get something like that:

        – remove the 25% buff in ICC
        – when you zone in you get 4 flasks which increase your health, damage and healing by 25% for 1h. Soulbound. Duration until the next raid reset.

        Now you have your ICC 25% buff but you (or your raid) decides when and for which boss you use the flask and “flasking” means something.

    • I had something different written out but then I read the other posts. Honestly we flasked all the time because we sold gear at outrageous prices. We could also price gouge for taking people through the instance, if they just wanted to see it, or if they wanted the T3 quest done in the case of Naxxramas.

      As I hear it, this really never changed.

      Come to think of it, I think my Paladin had more gold at any given time pre-BC than he did in WotLK.

  1. Flasks play a somewhat different role, now, though. If the current task flask had scaled to a similar power as the level 60 one had, it’d be of the order of 15-20k health, not a petty 1.3k. The spellpower flask would be more like 1,000 spellpower, not 125.

    Back in Vanilla, when you flasked up, it was _big_. Now… well, I have about 72k health in Icecrown Citadel, and I’m at the point where 1600 health from a flask is… a little trivial, frankly. Mind you, it’s still better than the 650 it was in the beginning of Wrath.

  2. You forgot the other fun part.

    You could only make flasks at lab tables.

    Which were located in preciesly 2 places.

    Stratholme and BWL, with the former requiring an almost full clear. Which took a long ass time even in raid gear. And the latter being after the two guild breaking bosses.

    It is not something I particuarly miss.

    • Pssssh! Those ones were easy. Now teaching your first real raiding guild’s healers how to do Chromaggus? THAT was hard.

      Mostly because “what am decurse i am heal” was what you got half the time.

  3. I found one of these the other day and, for the life of me couldn’t work out what it was for as it was unmillable.

    Thanks for sharing memories.

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