In which I ponder the lure of the world’s firsts

Gravity notes today that Premonition got a world first kill on Heroic Ruby Sanctum (this is a link to the tankspot strategy guide). This is the new raid instance which was patched into the US WoW servers yesterday and is being patched into ours today. I think my casual raid guild actually got a server or faction first on one of the ICC bosses purely due to the date/time on which we usually raid also.

In this case, the Ruby Sanctum raid isn’t intended to be as difficult as Icecrown, it’s not a progression instance. (My guess is that it’s intended to be challenging for PUG raids.) So it should surprise no one that hardcore raid guilds roll over it without a hiccough. But still they went to the effort of announcing a world kill with a screenshot.

Is it bad if I want to pat them all on the head?


4 thoughts on “In which I ponder the lure of the world’s firsts

  1. I’m looking forward to (as Amber of I Like Bubbles puts it) RubSac tonight, new stuff is always interesting. It’s going to be especially fun as nobody will really have had time to read tactics, and even then the tactics that exist will probably need some refinement. It’s going to be quite strange to be more or less on the cutting edge in my guild – we only just got to the Lich King on Sunday, and still haven’t made any serious attempts on Yogg-Saron. I’m pretty sure there’s people in our guild who’ve never even been to Naxx or Ulduar; these sorts of people I would guess don’t care about world firsts or whatever 🙂

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