It came from the PUG: Ding! Just going to train, back in a few mins!

One of the new functions which came to WoW along with the random dungeon finder was the ability to teleport in or out of an instance once you are in a random group.

So, for example, if you are in a random instance and one player has to leave (or is booted), the rest could port out and chill until a replacement was found, if they so choose. Or if someone manages to go to an instance without any arrows or reagents, they can port out and get some and then instantly port back.

Now don’t get me wrong, this can be handy, but there was a time when people were actually expected to be prepared before they got an instance group together. And once they were there, they were expected to stay in the instance until the group split up, even if they did get a nice drop or gained a level. It didn’t always happen – there were always people who dropped the group as soon as they got what they wanted, which of course can still happen.

But the phenomenon of people deciding unilaterally to just pop out of the instance to enchant their new drop or train their new skills is a new one. And it drives me nuts. What exactly is wrong with people that they can’t just wait until the end of the run?

I was in a run this week with an alt who is nearing 80. One of the other players in the group hit 80 on his healer. And immediately, it was, “Off to train, back soon.” *bamf* An instance run is like – 15 minutes. Give or take 10 mins while the guy realises that he was in the middle of nowhere when he’d entered the instance, but doesn’t bother to inform the rest of the group in case they boot him.

I think I rather miss the days when people just stayed in their goddamned instances until the run was finished. Just a teeny amount of commitment to the group, not a lot. Your training can wait, you were good enough to finish this run when you came into the instance and you still are.

It narks me in raids as well.

We run three hour raids, with a 15 min break in the middle. That leaves two perfectly viable timeslots if someone really really wants to wear their new shiny drop as soon as possible. You either wait for the break or wait for the end of the run and then go get it enchanted up. Most people do this. But occasionally you’ll get someone who absolutely must go and sort out their upgrade immediately right now or they will explode. No, you will not explode. When I was a kid, and being taken shopping with my grandparents, if I was good I was sometimes allowed to wear my new shoes straight out of the shop on the way home. Now I am grown up I usually wait until I’m home to get changed. I don’t care how excited some player is about some new item, it’s not worth holding up everyone else just so you can wear it RIGHT NOW.

You didn’t need that item to finish the raid. It will be just as nice next session. Or at least you can wait for the break. I wish our raid leaders would put their feet down collectively on this one.

10 thoughts on “It came from the PUG: Ding! Just going to train, back in a few mins!

  1. I prefer people who port out to train to people who drop group immediately upon gaining a level. It makes me feel used. They join this dungeon to get their one thing out of it (x amount of xp) and once they get it, they have no commitment to finishing it out like a member of a TEAM.

    I tried to point out to someone once why it was a dick move and they said “lol you can get another dps so easy”. It’s not the *point*… I bet those same dps would be mighty steamed if their tank did it. It’s not how much you inconvenience the rest of the group, it’s that you think it’s okay to inconvenience others.

  2. The real issue IMO is the fact that despite of being a Massive Multi-Player phenomenon, everyone is doing everything just and only for themselves. No dedication to group success, no thinking of others on their way to their make believe power, no commitment at all.

    Everything here now.

    Also it seems that the self-imposed pressure of performance results the same: just blogged about a DK who didn’t want to run HoS because he didn’t know the instance (ok, later he said it is too long).

    Badge hunting has also brought up this idiotic thing in which people just skip all the bosses except the final one, only doing what it takes to get to the final one. Sure, completing the instance straight away grants 2 badges, but each boss gives both a badge and stonekeeper’s stones, if your side owns Wintergrasp. They both act as currency, so why not take everything? In the end, it doesn’t effect the badge/time ratio too much, really.

    C out

  3. I don’t tolorate it in my raids, certainly. I have raiders who bring gems and enchants, and will throw them in on the way to the next boss, and more power to them… But the rest? Nah, wait for the break. If you absolutely have to go now, we have someone on standby to replace you.

    (Memorably, our top fury warrior was carrying around 10 ArP gems, and completely regemmed in the wake of a trinket drop from LDW. Talk about prepared…)

  4. Same kind of thing annoys me with people that don’t finish an instance. I was in a HoS PUG the one time and they skipped half the bosses to do the final boss so the run would be quicker. A couple of players were constantly badgering the group to go do the last boss from the moment we went in, eventually that happened and once he was dead they left group despite the fact there were another easy two or three badges to be head in there…

  5. Yep, waiting for people to exchange their ring… Annoying… really annoying…

    And about being prepared. I had twice a person join a group with ress sickness.

  6. One of the problem with instance teleport out is how it allows griefers, the one odd 1 in 1000 guy who ports out and stays outside and you cannot kick him no matter what “cannot kick in combat” which means even if 4 people are doing nothing and waiting as long as the outside person is in combat, you cannot kick him, at all. Happened to me once.

    Another problem are people coming to an instance for a specific loot from specific boss and as soon as the boss is dead they drop the group, no matter what, whether their item dropped or no, whether they won the roll or no. Many “juicy” items are put on the final boss, to prevent that, but some aren’t. Most famous recent case? Try to join as non-tank for normal Halls of Reflection and look how many tanks gonna stay for the final encounter.

    And finally, what currently annoyed me on my new alt, are instances that are split into some artificial parts and if someone decides to drop the group after random dungeon lootbag, you cannot refill the spot because “instance is complete”, and I had the issue with Blackrock Depths, one person dropped the group as soon as Interrogator was downed, rest wanted to continue but we couldn’t refill. Also couldn’t queue for BRD – Upper City because 1 person was below required level. :-/ (He was 49 and Interrogator run is 47+ while Upper City is 51+.) And the queues can be long at this level…

    Same issue with Maraudon if you want to do Scepter of Celebras quest, as Celebras is beyond “lootbag area”.

  7. Hmm, one more thing came to my mind, I really miss the possibility to interact with queued people and do anything beyond leaving the machine to do its stuff, I was once queued for some lowbie instance at some odd late night hour, we had tank, healer and 2 dps and couldn’t start the group because of the lack of one last dps, finally the night got really late and all other people just quit from the queue. If it was possible, we would just 4 man it, but it isn’t.

    • Though the flip side of this one is the people that push you to do something that the group really CAN’T do, but half the group doesn’t know that, and the person that saw another group of more skilled, better geared people that knew the instance/achievement/whatever and that had a better class balance do it talks the rest of the group into it, and then drops group as soon as you wipe on it once.

      You don’t know it, but one of those 4 probably only knew how to auto-attack, and another probably had their pet on aggressive and pulled extra groups, and the healer was probably dps spec and gear (not that I have a problem with this, but it does mean they can’t make up for Captain Gogo).

  8. Happens to me sometimes.

    Was it a dwarf? A Paladin dwarf? They always seem to be the most recessive imo.

    Anyway I think you mentioned the answer in your post – grown up.

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