Our Woman in San Diego

With no expense spared, Arbitrary is in San Diego at the moment to attend Comic Con. She generously offered to write about the con and her experiences when she gets a chance. (I think my editorial suggestion was “just write about whatever.”)

So if there’s anything in particular you’d like to ask about, feel free to suggest it in comments here.


5 thoughts on “Our Woman in San Diego

  1. “Room 9 – 4:30-5:30 Fallout: Game Writing in Evolving Franchises— Obsidian Entertainment, the developers working on Bethesda’s upcoming Fallout New Vegas, walk through the process of narrative and cinematic techniques used in bringing life and reactivity to franchises over the years, focusing on their upcoming work on Bethesda’s Fallout New Vegas.”

    No questions, just a reminder she should definitely not miss this show. 🙂

  2. Trying to go to swtor panel, if I can get in. Dcuo is here and we peeked at it but didn’t try and play. SHSO was being demoed and was cute & fun. Fallout – will see what it clashes with but it’s on the wishlist

  3. Concerned reader wants to know: how much did you melt in ABQ? 😉 Next time you come through make it a longer stay and you can come visit us at the strange culty compound — err lovely house with a nice fence and its own grounds up in the mountains.

    Srsly… See if you can sniff out ANYTHING at all about that #)(*@)(* vampire game we were all so excited about last year that nothing’s been happening with since. Bastards.


    Have her sign it….

    Dearest River, though we are miles apart your tweets keep me entertained, and my heart beats only for you. I yearn for the day we can throw of the shackles of distance, and be together.

    Love always,

    Or something like that.

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